Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal fined for seeking Modi’s certificate

Delhi CM Kejriwal fined for seeking Modi’s certificate
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not need to show any university certificate. This is what the Gujarat High Court said on Friday. At the same time, the court fined Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal 25 thousand rupees for asking to see Narendra Modi’s certificate. A single bench of Justice Biren Vaishnab of the Gujarat High Court dismissed the CIC’s order on Friday. Kejriwal was also fined Rs 25,000 for seeking details of the Prime Minister’s degree certificate. The Chief Minister of Delhi has to deposit that amount within 4 weeks.
Kejriwal appealed to the CIC (Central Information Commission) seeking to see Modi’s BA and MA pass certificates. Accordingly, the CIC directed the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the University of Delhi and the University of Gujarat to show the certificate. Gujarat University went to court against him.
After hearing the court’s verdict, Kejriwal said, “Don’t the people of the country have the right to know how educated our Prime Minister is?” Why are they objecting so much to show the degree in court? The person who wanted to see the degree was fined. What is happening? An uneducated or poorly educated prime minister is dangerous for the country.
Incidentally, as claimed by Modi in his election affidavit, he passed BA from Gujarat University in 1978 and MA from Delhi University in 1983.
Following a 2016 Right to Information Act application, the CIC sought information about Modi’s undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the PMO, Gujarat and Delhi universities. Gujarat University went to the Gujarat High Court against the CIC order.

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