Social and Human Values are Disappearing Day by Day

Hiren Pandit: All the norms and rules of conduct imposed by the family, society, or the state affect people’s lives. The tendency to follow these rules, mentality, etc., is called morality. We can call ethics, in another sense, values. Integrity, greatness, fairness, and idealism are hidden in morality. Values, on the other hand, refer to principles and standards that guide human behavior. Man’s standards of behavior depend on his own beliefs and principles.

Not all people in the world have the same beliefs and principles. A conscious man does not come under social pressure or because of personal, collective interests, worldly fear, or temptation but with moral values and conscience in mind. However, he will be considered or recognized as a person with moral values by society or the state. Values are developed from the experiences gained by living together in the same society for a long time.

Ethics or values are the main driving force of a society or state. The lack of these criticizes the state’s social, economic, and political standards. Standards of human behavior depend on beliefs and principles. Those beliefs and principles are values or ethics.

The education of raising awareness about morality can be called the education of values. Moral education and values help people to awaken their sense of humanity. Living by moral values creates a society with no lawlessness, corruption, exploitation, oppression, selfishness, or unethical practices. Such a society, based on moral ideals, is a testament to the positive impact of ethical behavior on the community.

A life free from corruption, injustice, and dishonesty is ideal. But these days, we are all self-centered, working for our gain. Everyone is busy with themselves. What do we think about the country and society? How long will it take to develop yourself as an ideal person? As a nation, are we able to move forward? It doesn’t seem like we’re progressing much, but we’ve had some outstanding achievements! They are also destroyed by mud-throwing. All our achievements are fading due to this moral decay. We cannot sustain our achievements.

Every day, it is saddening to see various horrible negative news on social media, television, and national dailies. These media are filled with news of murders, kidnappings, rapes, physical abuse, and injuries. Crimes are not confined to a city or a particular region.

These terrible crimes are being committed in almost all the cities, ports, villages, elite areas, and remote towns of the country. Criminals include notorious terrorists or hooligans as well as ordinary family members. The brutal and unbelievable type of crime that is being committed, especially at the family level, makes it appear that the perpetrators are mentally ill. No one can commit such heinous crimes without being mentally ill. Violent crime is still seen as a law-and-order problem.

Sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and neurologists are absent in meeting seminars, workshops, or round table discussions. We organize these events with writers, columnists, politicians, political scientists, sociologists, and law enforcement officials. The time has come; we must go deeper into the problem. Apart from punishing the criminal, he should be treated as a mental patient. We have to see if there is any deadly germ or chemical substance in our body and mind that is making us mentally ill in droves.

Early measures should be taken so that this disease does not affect healthy people. Sometimes at the individual level and sometimes through social and state institutions. This is our new generation, especially the young generation. Do we think about them? They will lead the future; we have to make them that way. Does every parent keep track of their children? What do you think about how to raise a child as an ideal person? Children’s parents are busy trying to raise the standard of living; no one has time to think about whether the money earned by working hard day and night is useful.

We are not in a position to care for what the child is learning, what he is doing, where he is going, and who he is mixing with. But why, it was not supposed to happen! The government and civil society should think about why this happened.

There is no way out of these without a concerted effort. Now, money is everything; everything is possible with money. We are only running after money. We are ready to give up dignity and self-respect for money! On the other hand, in the construction of society, as an ideal citizen of the state, the time has come to think about whether we are adequately performing the duties we have in the state, society, and family or forgetfully forgetting.

The business has to make a profit; that’s the rule. But not by sacrificing our humanity, the welfare of the country’s people is not achieved; we often do it only for our gain. As conscious citizens, we should aim to ensure that we do not destroy a nation just for our profit.

A drug company owner, a food company owner, everyone should remember that thousands of people can get sick and even die because of their impurity. Adulterated food and adulterated drugs can destroy a nation. These aspects should be kept in mind. But are we doing it? I can only achieve my interests. We don’t have time to worry about what happened to others and the country. What can the nation or country expect from him if he does not have morality? If a man abandons his sacred morality, nothing is left to say. A child acquires moral values from his family since birth.

There is no limit to the suffering in a family where the members are not taught about morals and values. As a result, no one in that family can acquire morals and human values. When there is no humanity in someone, animality fills in. This is how humans are born into a family.

It is not the case that only one family suffers because of this. Just like when a snake bites, the poison spreads throughout the body, so if there is a wrong person in the society, the whole society is affected by him. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is no humanity among people these days and no moral and human values. As a result of the degradation of human values, the repetition of cruel and obscene acts in society is increasing at an increasing rate. Due to this, the country and the nation have fallen into crisis.

Today, it has become very difficult to show the face in the court of the world. On the other hand, if a person has moral and human values, his life is easy, beautiful, and enlightened. So, care should be taken that not even a single person in the society becomes inhuman. Every family’s responsibility is to make their child an ideal person with moral and human values right from childhood. No parent ever wants a child to be inhuman, but if this happens, counsel him regularly and try hard to bring him back to the right path without hating him. Instill a sense of humanity in him. People for people, life for life – the well-known motto has become meaningless in our society. Where are people, humanity, and humanity? People have no faith, respect, love, or brotherhood towards other people.

Human values and responsible attitudes towards each other should be developed. The joint family culture is on the verge of disappearing in Bangladesh. As a result of the degradation of values, people are becoming self-centered and selfish.

Society is becoming deranged. That is why we want a social revolution. Through this, a society of social and human values will be developed. In the Great War of Liberation, 3 million people gave their lives, and 200,000 mothers and sisters lost their dignity to build a society free from exploitation and oppression.

They wanted an independent country and the right to live with dignity—a society where men and women enjoy equal rights. We could not build a safe society for women and children. Do we have true patriotism? Today’s child is tomorrow’s future. They should be taught social and family values besides teaching various subjects.

They should be developed as patriots, honest and good people by developing their intellect and mind. Family values are the path of a person’s whole life. Social and cultural values need to be nurtured to save from unstable society. The constant exercise of our intellect and mind becomes unnecessary. Who wants to leave the path of traditional formalities and take a problematic alternative path? It is necessary or what many people think, and we do not show much interest in getting out of the situation we have been in before. Therefore, the number of real geniuses is gradually decreasing in our society.

The scale of social degradation is getting heavy. Due to various reasons, the number of talented protestors who are idealistic, honest, and principled is decreasing in our society. The number of exceptional public interest thinkers is decreasing.

Naturally declining or powerless are cultural institutions characterized by similar qualities, which can be described as public interest friendly. They are one of the causes of cultural emptiness. The way out of this situation can be shown by natural and cultural practices and activities that can remove our moral and social degradation and show the nation a new era.

The writer is an essayist and research fellow.

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