Bill in recognition of progress in US Congress in praise of Bangladesh

A bill was introduced in the US Congress to praise the socio-economic progress of Bangladesh and to recognize this progress. This bill was introduced last Wednesday on the occasion of 52 years of Independence Day. It has praised the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the unprecedented development of the socio-economic situation.
While introducing the bill, Congressman Joe Wilson recalled the situation 51 years ago. It is said that Bangladesh has just got independence from Pakistan after 9 months of bloody war. Bangladeshis fought for democracy and freedom under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Then on April 4, 1972, the United States recognized the newly independent Bangladesh.
The bill was introduced in the US Congress by Joe Wilson, a Republican congressman from the state of South Carolina. He is the co-chair of the Bangladesh Caucus of Congress. According to the bill, post-independence Bangladesh’s journey from a war-torn poor country to a fast-growing economy in the last five decades has been incredible.
According to World Bank data, the per capita GDP of Bangladeshis in 2021 stood at $2,457, which now exceeds many neighboring countries.
During the Great Liberation War in 1971, the economy of Bangladesh was 9 billion dollars. In the last 5 decades, it has increased to 450 billion dollars. Average life expectancy increased from 47 years to 73 years. The education rate has also exceeded 75 percent. Sheikh Hasina’s leadership has been praised by mentioning these achievements as incredible.
The bill also states that under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has achieved remarkable progress in various sectors including food production, disaster tolerance, poverty alleviation, health-education sector development, and women empowerment.

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