What sister Priyanka Gandhi said in protest against Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from Parliament

The Congress held a day-long protest program across India on Sunday to protest the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi from Parliament. Calling Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a thief is jailed. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that if a martyr’s son is called Mir Zafar, there is no case. News from Hindustan Times, The Times of India.
The Congress tried to hold a protest at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial but was rebuffed by the police. Later, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and Congress President Kharge led the protest outside Delhi’s Rajghat.
Priyanka Gandhi said, ‘My brother (Rahul Gandhi) is the son of a martyr. You called my brother a traitor and Mir Zafar. You (Modi) insulted his mother. One of your chief ministers said, Rahul Gandhi does not know who his father is. You insult my family every day, but no case is filed.’
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi also alleged that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the BJP’s reckless attack on the Gandhi family. She said, “Modi has insulted the Kashmiri Pandit clan as well”.
Congress president Kharge said, ‘Is Nirav Modi OBC? Mehul Choksi is OBC? Is Lalit Modi OBC? They are fugitives.” She said, “Rahul Gandhi only raised the issue of those who escaped with black money. Congress will hold hundreds of protests across the country. We will fight to protect freedom of speech. I thank all opposition parties for standing by Rahul Gandhi.
Rahul was found guilty in a Gujarat court for insulting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A court sentenced a Congress leader to two years in jail for insulting the OBC (backward community) community. As per the Constitution of India, Rahul lost his post as an MP due to the conviction.

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