Sheikh Hasina’s Leadership and Commitment to the Country

Hiren Pandit: Awami League has been in power for 15 years under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the brave daughter of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu, and she is working dedicatedly for the welfare of the people. The world is amazed by Sheikh Hasina’s indomitable strength, courage, morale, and strong leadership. Bangladesh will become the 29th largest economy in the world by 2030 and the 20th largest by 2040. Meanwhile, Bangladesh has been declared a ‘middle-income country’ with effect from 2026 and will debut as a ‘developed country’ in 2041. The big proof that Bangladesh is moving forward is that the per capita income of the country’s people has increased in the last few years. The current per capita income is 2,765. Bangladesh is one of the top countries in the world today in terms of economic progress.
Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina started working as a pioneer for the overall welfare, development, and liberation of the people of Bangladesh. She has proved that she has no alternative to developing democracy in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina’s integrity, devotion, rational mindset, strong morale, wisdom, and extraordinary leadership have established Bangladesh at a different height in the world arena and she is known as a world-renowned leader. Awami League has always played and continues to play a politically vocal, defensive role against all forms of exploitation, deprivation, injustice, and oppression. Since its inception, it has worked for the economic, social, political, and cultural emancipation of the people. When this party is in power, the fortunes of the people improve. The history of 74 years since the foundation of this party bears witness to that fact.
Sheikh Hasina has given 4 milestones. The first one is Digital Bangladesh which has already been implemented at one stage. The second is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, the third is to build a developed Bangladesh by 2041 and the fourth is to implement the Delta Plan by 2100. In the last 15 years, the country has got Padma Bridge and Rail Bridge. Dhaka Metro Rail, International Airport’s modern third terminal, nuclear powerplant, Karnaphuli tunnel, and elevated express she kept almost no promise unfulfilled. Roads have been greatly improved. Even though the economy of the whole world has slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she did not let it affect Bangladesh. The infrastructure has been greatly improved with new bridges and roads. Today, Bangladesh is self-sufficient in food by boat. Even in the COVID pandemic, countless leaders and workers of the party have stood by everyone. The boat is moving the country forward at a fast pace. Bangladesh is on the way from darkness to light.
A leader is needed who is indispensable not only for her country but for the whole world. Sheikh Hasina is such a leader and a beacon of light to the world. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, has not only given her a rare dimension but also strengthened global development activities. The common people of Bangladesh are often used to seeing her only from the national perspective and evaluating her from that perspective, which is undoubtedly necessary, but not sufficient. The global leadership is as incomparable as her domestic leadership and the full extent of her unparalleled leadership cannot be understood without her appreciation.
Many people may not remember that Sheikh Hasina along with 189 other heads of state and government signed the Millennium Declaration on behalf of Bangladesh in 2000. Not only did she make a place for herself in history as a signatory to that historic document; but through this action, she made Bangladesh a part of a global commitment. Based on that commitment, she vowed to achieve the 8 Millennium Goals from the perspective of Bangladesh. Under her leadership, Bangladesh has managed to reduce its poverty rate from 58 percent in 1990 to 20 percent by 2019. During this period, the average life expectancy of people in Bangladesh increased from 58 to 73 years. The adult literacy rate rose from 35 to 75 percent. Infant mortality rate decreased from 100 per thousand to 21 per thousand. From 1990 to 2019, Bangladesh’s $35 billion economy expanded to $330 billion. People’s per capita income has increased nearly 7 times—from $300 in 1990 to $2,640 in 2019.
Under the able management of the Prime Minister, Bangladesh’s various socio-economic development achievements have surpassed its neighboring countries. For example, the average life expectancy in Bangladesh is 73, in India, it is 69 and in Pakistan it is 67 years. The under-five mortality rate in Bangladesh is 31 per thousand, in India, it is 38, in Pakistan, it is 67.

In 2015, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Bangladesh expressed its commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and these goals are aligned with its eighth five-year plan. The development activities of Bangladesh are directed towards achieving these goals. Along with this, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership and commitment to environment and climate change, women’s rights, child protection, human rights etc. in the international arena are recognized and congratulated all over the world. We have always seen her speak out for the interests of the developing world. The development activities of Bangladesh are directed towards achieving these goals. Along with this, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership and commitment to environment and climate change, women’s rights, child protection, human rights etc. in the international arena are recognized and congratulated all over the world. We have always seen him speak out for the interests of the developing world.

During Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s tenure, Bangladesh has moved from the low-income country group to the middle-income group and is in the process of exiting the least-developed country group. Today we look to 2041, when we hope to be part of the developed world in the global arena. The world of the future is changing rapidly. In the world we live in today, inequality, instability, and inadequacy are on the rise. As there are opportunities, vulnerabilities are also created. In this situation, we need such a leader, who is essential not only for her country but for the whole world. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina is such a leader- the light of the world.

Sheikh Hasina’s government is giving free books to students. Poor and meritorious students are getting scholarships. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sincerely wants the students to pay attention and study only, the rest is the responsibility of the government. So, students don’t have to worry about money while studying. The Prime Minister wants the children of Bangladesh to be able to keep pace with the world in terms of education, knowledge, and science. By building suitable education infrastructure, she is allowing everyone to make truly educated children. Sheikh Hasina’s motto is that Bangladesh will develop in the spirit of the liberation war. She believes in a non-communal spirit. Upholding the ideology of Bangabandhu, she is working for the welfare of minorities. Bangladesh is beating India in various development indicators while maintaining friendship with its neighbors. Sheikh Hasina is determined to deliver that dream of the countrymen in the right direction. The people of the country have entered a new horizon of happiness and prosperity today by firming the boat of Awami League. Awami League government is working for the welfare of the people. Therefore, old age allowance, widow allowance, maternity allowance, allowance for working women providing breast milk etc. have been introduced in Bangladesh.
The welfare of all is the declared policy of the Hasina government. 14,500 Community clinics have been established. 30 types of medicines are being given free from there. Health infrastructure has greatly improved due to boats. For the first time in the United Nations, a resolution on community-based healthcare was adopted unanimously in May this year. Through that resolution, the outstanding innovative leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in establishing a community clinic-based model of primary health care in Bangladesh has been recognized internationally, according to the United Nations Permanent Mission to Bangladesh. Brown University awarded Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with a special award after the United Nations recognition for creating a community clinic model to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of the people. Not only the health sector, the government is also providing houses to the landless for free. The government is not only fulfilling its responsibility by building houses, but the government projects are also providing their lives and livelihood. So far 21 districts have been declared homeless-free. On January 23, 2021, 63 thousand 999 houses were distributed in the first phase, 53 thousand 330 houses in the second phase on June 20 of that year, and a total of 59 thousand 133 houses were distributed in the third phase in 2 phases during the Mujib year. By distributing another 22 thousand 101 houses, the total number stands at 5 lakh 55 thousand 617 under the Asharyan project.
The people of Bangladesh have received free COVID-19 vaccinations during the coronavirus pandemic at the hands of Sheikh Hasina. The government of Bangladesh can bring vaccination at the right time for the people of the country by creating strong relations with several countries. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the main architect of this success. Apart from dealing with COVID-19, she was also able to keep the wheels of the economy moving at that time. The world has expressed surprise at the success of Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. At that time, Bangladesh was also praised at several international conferences of the world, including the World Economic Forum. After the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war, most of the countries in the world are suffering economically. Bangladesh is growing even in such a situation. The development of Bangladesh was a slap in the face of the critics who commented that Bangladesh would become a failed state due to Corona. Digital Bangladesh is a reality today with the hands of Sheikh Hasina. Now we are moving towards Smart Bangladesh. Where all civic services will be available at hand. No one can stay hungry in this digital and smart Bangladesh. Awami League government has arranged food, clothing, shelter as well as good education for everyone. The success of the last 15 years under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina is the real logistics of the boat’s victory.
She is a warrior and a guardian. She has bravely tackled the COVID-19 pandemic, yet, is now the world’s best example and world leaders have praised her initiative to manage the global crisis. When the crisis in Bangladesh is intense, when everything revolves around uncertainty, dark clouds accumulate in the sky of Bengal, then Sheikh Hasina stands as our last hope. A man removes the dark cloud of fear with indomitable determination and dogged devotion, and the people of the country see the light of hope. Whenever it seems that everything is coming to an end, we face a bad time, only one savior who efficiently removes the bad nightmare is our honorable Prime Minister. Her identity is more than a prime minister or a political leader, she is an indomitable brave leader.

Hiren Pandit is a columnist and researcher

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