Sheikh Hasina’s Diplomacy is Enthusiastically Praised by World leaders

Hiren Pandit: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received a standing endorsement from the participants of the two-day Global Gateway Forum 2023 in Brussels. At the inaugural session of the Prime Minister’s Forum, the participants applauded her with thunderous applause as she spoke in an emotional voice highlighting her tireless efforts in achieving the landmark economic progress of the country in the last 15 years. Highlighting the struggles within the country in the post-independence years, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh urged world leaders to work for peace.

She pointed out that Bangladesh’s GDP growth rate is the highest in the world, surpassing the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States, an incredible achievement by any standard. Bangladesh is now the 35th largest economy in the world. “Our 70-billion-dollar economy has grown to 465 billion in less than 15 years, she added. She also mentioned, ‘We have brought millions of our people out of poverty. Extreme poverty fell from 25.1% in 2006 to 5.6%. Bangladesh is set to be elevated from UN LDC status in 2026. Her emotional speech ended with a heartfelt appeal to world leaders for peace. The participants applauded enthusiastically with huge applause. The two-day Global Gateway Forum 2023 in Brussels brought together the most senior representatives of governments from the European Union and around the world, along with the private sector, civil society, leading thinkers, funding institutions and international organizations.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Senegalese President Macky Sall, and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke at the event among others. The opening session of the forum ended with a welcome message by UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed. Senegalese President Machisal spoke of his country’s ambitions for closer relations with the European Union, highlighting the economic benefits of new transport infrastructure for all parties. For example, the 3523 km Beira-Lobito Trans-African Corridor known as Trans-African Highway 9 will bring benefits to six African countries. President Sal also shed light on how Africa can locally produce essential medicines needed to protect health. Sheikh Hasina is now one of the most discussed names in world diplomacy. On one hand, she is a role model for the whole world against separatism, militancy and terrorism. Sheikh Hasina is a role model of how to eliminate terrorism and militancy through peaceful means. On the other hand, she is praised and discussed in world diplomacy as a humanitarian statesman. Especially by sheltering more than 1 million Rohingyas, she has set a unique example of humanity. All these diplomatic activities and the diplomatic prudence of Sheikh Hasina in recent times are a topic of discussion in world diplomacy. During the Corona crisis, Sheikh Hasina has attracted the attention of world diplomacy.

Analysts say that Sheikh Hasina’s five diplomatic surprises in recent times have become a model for the whole world. Sheikh Hasina shocked the whole world with their diplomatic decisions. These include the development of relations between China and India and the recent de-escalation of border tensions between the two countries. Despite a complicated situation, Sheikh Hasina is the only country in the world to have relations with China and India at a parallel pace and almost equal height. China is the largest partner in the economy of Bangladesh. China is the biggest partner in the economic development of Bangladesh. On the other hand, India is a neighboring country of Bangladesh and the relationship between the two countries has reached a new height in the last decade. The balancing act between these two countries is proving to be a surprise to the world. There was a time when foreigners used to talk about everything in Bangladesh.

Especially the United States, the European Union and other countries of the world would cry if something happened in Bangladesh. Ambassadors advised Bangladesh on what to do and not to do. We saw this kind of activity till the 2014 elections. Due to Sheikh Hasina’s skillful diplomacy and prudence, foreign interference in the internal affairs of Bangladesh has now stopped. Sheikh Hasina has strictly controlled the tendency of different embassies to make statements or comment on the election or other issues. Such a visionary decision of the Prime Minister of a country like Bangladesh is an inspiration for countries struggling for development in the world. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s 2008 election manifesto was to prosecute war criminals and she has prosecuted war criminals. Naturally, the Middle Eastern countries had a negative view of the prosecution of war criminals. Many thought that this would lead to deterioration of relations with Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Hasina has tried the war criminals on the one hand, on the other hand, she has developed relations with these countries. Middle Eastern countries now have much warmer relations with Bangladesh than at any other time. This is another diplomatic surprise for Sheikh Hasina. Analysts will explain how she did it. However, Middle East countries have not shown any headache about the trial of war criminals. When 1 million Rohingya refugees took shelter in Bangladesh, many said that Myanmar had too many countries on its side. Especially Russia, China, and India were being talked about. Sheikh Hasina knowingly gave shelter to the Rohingyas and is still giving it. She has adopted diplomatic policies that are now admired around the world for Myanmar. Rohingyas have been isolated on human rights issues. This is also a major victory for Sheikh Hasina’s diplomacy. Sheikh Hasina has prioritized two issues in diplomacy and her stance on two issues has made her a world leader. One is to unite countries that will be affected by climate change.

Positioning itself as the voice of those countries. Second, emphasis on economic diplomacy. Because of these two things she became known as the undisputed leader of the Third World. Diplomats feel that Yugoslavia’s Marshal Tito, and India’s Mrs. Indira Gandhi, were at the level of diplomacy, uniting struggling countries for development and becoming a symbol of their demands. Similarly, Sheikh Hasina has now become the voice of developing countries. Her diplomatic brilliance has now established her as one of the best diplomats in the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken measures to respond appropriately to the false propaganda and rumors that are being spread outside the country against the government, but it is necessary to speed it up.

Misinformation is being spread against Bangladesh, Bangladesh missions abroad are always active to protest and logically respond to that misinformation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective countries. In the recently held press briefing, she mentioned that necessary steps have been taken to counter this digital propaganda and activities are ongoing with the international media to highlight the positive image of Bangladesh. Also, the embassies and high commissions abroad are working tirelessly under the leadership of the Foreign Minister. It is also known from the Ministry sources that they are giving regular press conferences and replies on Twitter to prevent misinformation. Everyone is working under the dynamic leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the rumors and false information being spread against the government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken comprehensive programs to highlight the success of the government and the progress of the country to foreign governments, organizations, media, and expatriate Bangladeshis and the work is being conducted according to that plan. The Ministry is also aware of those who engage in anti-state and anti-government activities, propagandists, seditious speakers and listed criminals and continue to make various efforts to deter them. Bangladesh has emphasized economic diplomacy, public diplomacy and regional peace and stability and these are also yielding promising results. New plans are being made every day for how to make the image of the country brighter abroad. Efforts are being made to confirm them. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also working intensively on how to further boost the country’s economy going forward. Specializing in export diversifying and opening new foreign labor markets for migrant workers, in coordination with other ministries including the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Labor and Employment. Now Bangabandhu Corner has been introduced in every mission and through this corner, the economic success of our country can be seen on the monitor. Many people do not have a clear idea about Bangladesh, similarly, many people do not have a clear idea about democracy in this country. Apart from Bangladesh, no other country in the world is highlighting these issues where people have given their lives for democracy, justice and human rights.

Bangabandhu Corner is working to protect the image of the country. We have a lot of responsibilities in public diplomacy, and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is conducting planned activities on them. Where there is no regional peace and stability in the world, we have been able to achieve a lot of success due to the presence of peace and stability in Bangladesh in the last 15 years. We have achieved this through the collective efforts of all. Bangladesh has been internationally acclaimed for its independent state stance on climate change, sustainable development goals, food and nutrition security, health care, women’s rights and human rights, and UN restructuring. Describing the unprecedented socio-economic development of Bangladesh under the efficient and prudent leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the visionary action plan of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to build a knowledge and technology-based Smart Bangladesh in 2041 by achieving sustainable development goals by 2030 has been adopted and activities are being conducted collectively to implement it. Bangladesh’s strategic geopolitical importance in the wider economic success of South Asia and Southeast Asia is high. World leaders are appreciating the success of Bangladesh in the national and international arena under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in poverty alleviation and elimination of inequality, women’s empowerment, or the implementation of climate change challenges.

The confidence and trust of the outside world have been created in the competence and competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, diplomats from D-8 member countries are being sent here for training. Bangladesh has set an example of outstanding diplomatic success in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Bangladesh is ranked 1st in South Asia and 5th in the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to strengthen and dignify the position of Bangladesh in the outside world by upholding the foreign policy of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, friendship with all, and enmity with none. The presence of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh was noticeable in the gathering of world leaders on the occasion of G-20 in New Delhi, India. Many people see this position of Bangladesh in the same row with the rich and powerful countries of the world as a great success in global diplomacy. One time the diplomats were given the wrong message. With the combined efforts of all, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been able to undo that mistake. After these discussions, many ambassadors of many countries, including the ambassador of the European Union, have understood the real story of Bangladesh. Under the dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has gained a place of honor in the world. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu put Bangladesh on the world map as a newly independent state, and his daughter, People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina, is moving the classic debt-dependent Bangladesh towards a prosperous Bangladesh under her dynamic and indomitable leadership.

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