International movie ‘JK 1’ on the War of Liberation

The first international movie ‘JK 1’ on the liberation war of Bangladesh. Producer Fakhrul Arefin Khan published the trailer on the YouTube channel and Facebook page of Gorai Films. The film will be released on March 7.
In the liberation war of 9, people from different parts of the world have made various efforts to help the people of Bangladesh. Many of which are unknown to us. Just like that, a French youth was snatched by Jean Queen Aircraft.
I see movies made on World War II, World War II, Afghan war and even Somalia war. But there is no movie of the liberation war of our country in English to show international visitors. So we decided to make this movie. The film is being released on March 7. Hopefully through this film I will be able to take the French youth to Jew Kuwi to a place of love.
Jew Kuwa was snatched by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) at the Early Airport in Paris at 5pm on December 5.
For the independent people of Bangladesh, 20 tonnes of drugs and medical goods should be lifted on that aircraft and only then all the passengers of the aircraft will be released.
Sourav Shuvra Das of West Bengal played the role of JK 5 in the banner of Gorai Films. US actor Francisco Raymond and Russian actress Deria Governco and actor Nicolai Novominasky have played various roles. In addition, Sabyasachi Chakraborty of West Bengal, Indranil and many other actors have worked.

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