Dev-Mithun’s ‘Butterfly’ made history

Prajapati has made history at the box office of Bengal. It is quite clear that father-son chemistry has captured the heart of Bengalis. Prajapati set this precedent by relying on the chemistry of the Dev-Mithun pair.
‘Butterfly’ has passed 60 days of release. With this, ‘Prajapati’ is very close to the list of top three films at the box office. With the film, Dev became the only Tollywood hero to cross the Rs. 10 crore mark in his third film. Earlier ‘Chander Pahar’ and ‘Amazon Abhiyan’ also earned more than 10 crore at the box office. The box office collection of ‘Chander Pahar’ is Rs. 18 crore, while the highest-grossing Bengali movie to date ‘Amazon Abhiyan’ has earned Rs. 20 crore. Apart from Dev’s three films, ‘Boss 2: Back to Rule’ is the only film to win in the Rs 10 crore club. “Chander Hill” and “Amazon Abhiyan” may still be out of reach. But ‘Prajapati’ is on the verge of breaking the record of ‘Boss 2’. The difference between the earnings of the two films is only Rs 23 lakh so far. So ‘Prajapati’ can easily grab the title of the third highest-grossing Bengali film.
Dev has broken himself for the past few years. Besides acting, Dev is also dabbling in production. Even though there is no space in the Nandan cinema hall, Dev showed the business of 10 crore rupees. Apart from Dev-Mithun, the film also stars Mamata Shankar, Kaninika Bandyopadhyay, Ambarish Bhattacharya, Shweta Bhattacharya, Kaushani Mukhopadhyay.

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