The United States wants to keep Dhaka on its side

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lu visited Bangladesh after a few hours stopover in Dhaka by China’s new foreign minister. The US has a new political rivalry with China due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Also, there is a long-standing commercial battle. On the other hand, the Joe Biden government is increasing the level of cooperation with Ukraine to corner Russia. In this situation, the US economy itself is in a somewhat fragile state. The politically and economically stressed United States wants tried and tested allies. Again, the Democratic Party of Biden’s party is somewhat caught by the Republicans in the midterm elections.
Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Washington is desperate to strategically side with Dhaka. Besides, commercial issues are also very important in this time of recession. Expatriate politicians believe that the support of the Joe Biden government will be in favor of continuing the development process in the country through the next election.

Bangladesh is strategically important due to its geographical location. Bangladesh refused to accept the Russian ship which was under US sanctions recently. Most of the country’s manufactured clothes go to the Americas. Donald Lu praised the government of Bangladesh for the dramatic reduction in the number of cases of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. Therefore, expatriate politicians hope that the ban on RAB will be lifted.
The United States does not want to increase the disputes that have happened in the future, it has been known by talking to several people in the United States Department of Foreign Affairs.
The US is already in a fragile position on the subcontinent. India maintains good relations with the United States but has not abandoned relations with Russia. Continued trade and other relations with Russia. India’s relationship with Russia is very sweet. India has never taken a strong stand against Russia in world forums. And India is such a great power that the US no longer has the power to take any action against India. China continues to have a relationship with Russia, and China’s role in the Russia-Ukraine war is clearly pro-Russian. Pakistan’s political situation is shaky and Pakistan does not have the strength and power to exert influence in the subcontinent. In this situation, Bangladesh is a very important country for strategic reasons and if Bangladesh eventually falls to Russia, the economic, military and other controls in this subcontinent will become difficult and difficult for the United States, which the United States does not want.

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