The Dream of the Father of the Nation and Sheikh Hasina

Hiren Pandit: Bangladesh has stepped into a new journey as it qualified to graduate into a developing nation from a Least Developed Country (LDC) after 45 years under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the Father of the nation. The United Nations Committee for Development Policy (UN CDP) recommended graduation in its final evaluation.
Bangladesh is scheduled to officially become a developing country in 2026 as the UN committee recommended that the country should get five years, instead of three, to prepare for the transition due to the impact of COVID-19 on its economy.
The Awami League has ruled the country for a decade after winning the 2008 parliamentary elections. However, after winning the 1996 elections, the Bangladesh Awami League, one of the oldest and biggest political parties in the country leading the Liberation War, was in power for one term. Having ruled the country for two consecutive terms since 2009, the Awami League has gained confidence in the country’s development and is gradually improving.
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the great architect of independent Bangladesh, our great hero, and the best Bengali son of the soil of a thousand years. How much more! If he had not been born, we would not have got an independent Bangladesh. As an independent thinker, he also led the liberation of the country through his initiative and strong and dynamic leadership. He created self-awareness among the people and instilled both the spirit and the seeds of the freedom movement in the minds of all Bengalis’. He has created inspiration in people’s minds and worked to promote rights and stirred consciousness. The great leader was repeatedly imprisoned, but he did not bow down to any greed and did not surrender. Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are two suffixes; two words are intimately involved. It was under the timeless, strong, and dynamic leadership of this short-lived, boundless man in 1971 that the Bengali nation tasted liberation.
The history of different countries of the world shows that the great leaders who led for the liberation of any nation of the world have done that great work from within one of the political parties; however, for that reason, they were not only confined to the narrow identity of that particular party in the future, but the nation as a whole has given them a place, rising above all kinds of party narrowness and universally at the top. In the same way, Bangabandhu today can no longer be confined to any particular party identity – Bangabandhu is for everyone, not just this Bengali nation or Bangladesh. Today, Bangabandhu is an invincible, indestructible name in the history of the world! An infinitely brave leader like him is rare in the history of the world.
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib became one of the great builders of Bangalee nationalism. This is why foreigners seem to refer to Bangabandhu as the ‘Founding Father of the Nation’. He is the creator of Bengali nationalism.
We have achieved a lot in various fields in Bangladesh today! As a proud citizen of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu’s contribution is all to our free movement around the world, our steadfast walk on the highway of development by overcoming various obstacles. If we did not get an independent country, we would still have to be crushed in the exploitation of Pakistan. We can think of everything independently because we have got an independent country. Our success in various indicators of society and economy has become the focus of astonishing attention of the world, it has been made possible by the welfare of Bangabandhu. Needless to say, all this has been possible for the welfare of Bangabandhu’s independence. As the great architect of independence, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has not only unveiled the infinite horizon of possibilities but at the same time has inspired the despairing nation to overcome fear and has also immersed the whole nation with the mantra of death.:
There were various crises everywhere in the war-torn independent country. He immersed himself in the work of rebuilding a war-torn country. While the people were sighing in the heavy wind of scarcity and wailing, the father of the nation returned to the country like a skilled sailor. He immersed himself in the work of rebuilding a war-torn country. He gave the air of peace all around. He took comprehensive administrative initiatives to get rid of the dire crisis. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not only the leader of Bangladesh, but he was also the leader of the oppressed people of the whole world. The deprived people of the world will look for Bangabandhu in any crisis for their lifelong vitality.
We think of one word over and over again, which is what the Bengali nation has achieved, through many sacrifices, through many struggles. We have to hold on to those achievements. In any case, everyone should be aware that this achievement cannot be thwarted in the future.
The Awami League has been ruling the country for a decade after winning the 2008 parliamentary elections. However, after winning the 1996 elections, the glorious party leading the liberation was in power for one term. Having been able to rule the country for two consecutive terms since 2009, the Awami League has gained confidence in the development of the country and is gradually improving.
Due to the agrarian revolution in our country, the country of 160 million people has become self-sufficient in food, which is a very positive aspect for the country. One hundred percent of today’s agricultural revolution is the invention of the Awami League.
When the World Bank canceled the allocation from the Padma Bridge, the Awami League government took it as a challenge. In particular, the Padma Bridge is being built with the determination of the Prime Minister. The last span was set last December, the month of the victory, and will be open to the public next year. The Awami League government has been building infrastructure for several years. Flyovers, underpasses, and metro rails are being built. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced to turn Bangladesh into a middle-income country with the huge task of the Awami League in mind; the government is working towards this goal.
Education, communication infrastructure, gas, electricity, women’s education, 100% increase in salaries and allowances of employees, health care, distribution of free books, self-sufficiency in food production, socially disadvantaged people, helpless, elderly, widows, persons with disabilities, divorced, autistic, The benefits of assisting the freedom fighters, shelter project, one house one farm project, women empowerment and overall development of different sectors should be highlighted and explained to the people. Only under the leadership of the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has it been possible to achieve that prosperity.
We have won the great war of liberation. We are a victorious nation. As a victorious nation, we will not bow down to anyone in the court of the world. By utilizing as much of our wealth as the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu has repeatedly said, we will be glorified in our glory in the World Assembly, we will build ourselves and we will continue to raise our heads to the whole world. This will be an essential step for the people of this country. In this way, our beloved motherland Bangladesh, built by Bangabandhu, will move forward with the role model of development in the hands of his beloved daughter.

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