Sheikh Hasina Working Tirelessly to Deliver the Benefits of Independence to Everyone

Hiren Pandit: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always mentions that she has nothing to ask or demand. Having lost her parents and siblings, the day she returned to Bangladesh in 1981, she did not know where she would stay, nor did she think about how she would go. Only thought about one thing, this country was made independent by her father. Therefore, the people of this country should be freed from poverty by building their destinies. Homeless people should be given houses, they should be given education and medical care. By giving people a better life, the benefits of independence should reach every home. We got this independence at the cost of the blood of 3 million martyrs. This independence cannot be allowed to fail in any way. Bangladesh is moving forward and will move forward. By 2041, a smart Bangladesh will be developed. By the year 2100, this appetite will be further improved through the implementation of the Delta Plan. By 2041, our population will become a smart population. Our economy will be smart, our agriculture will be smart, our health will be smart, and every people in Bangladesh will have a better life from the grassroots. Every villager will get the civic benefits of the city. Awami League is providing life and livelihood to those who have no home, no place to live, and are lying on the side of the road. Not a single person will be landless or homeless in Bangabandhu’s Bengal. The government has housed 3.5 million people and will provide to 4 million more in a few days.

During the Corona period, people have been given corona vaccination free of cost. It is still being given. Bringing uncultivated land under cultivation, in the context of the ongoing global recession due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the overall production should be increased by bringing every inch of land under cultivation.

The government has provided old age allowance, widow allowance, and disability allowance. People are now living peacefully in the country. 100 economic zones have been established. Employment opportunities are being created for the youth there. Loans are being given to youth without collateral. So that they can take the opportunity of employment of others. They can develop themselves as entrepreneurs. The nation always remembers those who sacrificed their lives in the liberation war of 1971 to free Bangladesh from the enemy.

The poet imagines, thinks, and dreams. The counterpart of that dream is ‘poetry’. Bangabandhu dreamed about politics, that dream was to bring freedom to a people, to give an independent sovereign state. Like poets, Bangabandhu gave form to his dreams. He wrote that poetry, the embodiment of the dream of breaking the chains of subjugation and bringing independence to this people, of giving an independent sovereign state. Bangabandhu’s poem became our beloved motherland Bangladesh. Many writers and poets from different countries and abroad wrote stories, songs, poems, and plays about this poet of politics. Certainly, very few statesmen and poets in the world have written so many poems. Just as contemporary poets are writing inspired by the writings of the ancient poets, the poets of the future will portray Bangabandhu in their poems in various ways. As long as there is Bengali language and literature, some poems, stories, and novels will be written about Bangabandhu.

Bangabandhu’s excellence was not only a dreamer of the nation called Bangladesh, but he was able to make the dream of the Bengali nation a reality for a thousand years by uniting the Bengali nation in a bond of unique common unity. Many famous politicians before and after Bangabandhu were born in this Bengal but no one could awaken the Bengalis to a frenzy of dauntless spirit. Therefore, everyone has given Bangabandhu the title of the best Bengali of a thousand years, and it is never possible to exile him from history. Bangabandhu stirred and inspired Bengalis with the hypnotic power and magic touch of his leadership in the discourse on independence.

Bangladesh achieved independence under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the architect of the nation. He freed the people of Bangladesh from the exploitation of Pakistan. Today we are a victorious nation in the world. Bangladesh got a flag, got an independent map. Since our independence, Bangladesh has become a modern dynamic state in the world today. The people of Bangladesh are an independent nation on earth today. Being able to travel to different countries of the world independently with a passport. We are a proud nation. We are an independent nation. We have acquired maps and independence. This independence must be maintained cleanly. The dignity of independence must be protected in the world. My independence my country map flag should not be questioned in any way.

It must be established among the people that the country and the people have won. State service agencies should be dedicated to the welfare of the people. All should be provided equal access to state facilities. Those who will be in charge of the state are not the owners of the state. If the owner of the state thinks that it will be wrong. They are servants of the people. They will see the people in the eyes of service. The authorities of the state must always be vigilant to fulfill fundamental rights. In a free country, it is not acceptable under any circumstances for someone to live half-starved on the pavement. Basic rights of all people should be provided for food, clothing, shelter, education, health, and employment. The nation must be advanced through education. The educated unemployed population should be urgently provided with employment. Under no circumstances should the people be kept idle.

Bangabandhu’s blessed daughter Sheikh Hasina is starting to work as a path and path for the overall welfare, development and independence of the people of Bangladesh. She proved that she has no alternative to the development of democracy in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina’s integrity, devotion, integrity, rational mindset, strong morale, wisdom and extraordinary leadership have established Bangladesh at a different height in the world and she has been known as a world-renowned leader. The world is amazed by Sheikh Hasina’s indomitable strength, courage, morale and strong leadership. Bangladesh is now 35th in the economy and will become 29th in the world by 2030 and 23rd in 2050 and in 2026, Bangladesh will make its debut in the world as a ‘middle-income country’ and in 2041 as an ‘advanced and smart Bangladesh’. The big proof that Bangladesh is moving forward is that the per capita income of the country’s people has increased over the past few years. The current per capita income is 2 thousand 824 dollars. Today, our beloved motherland Bangladesh is one of the top countries in the world in terms of economic progress.

The inauguration of Padma Bridge and Metro Rail are two milestones. Education, communication infrastructure, gas, electricity, women’s education, 100% increase in wages and salaries of employees, health care, distribution of free books, achieving self-sufficiency in food production, backward communities under social programs, destitute, elderly, widows, persons with disabilities, divorced, autism, assistance to poor freedom fighters, shelter scheme, one house and one farm scheme, women empowerment and the overall development of various sectors has been played a major role by the government led by the Prime Minister. The role of electricity in the development of a country is undeniable. Persistent power shortages slowed the country’s progress. In other words, the long-standing electricity problem in the country, for which the previous governments could not provide any solution – the Awami League government has brought it to the doorsteps of the people by producing electricity at an excessive cost. This production is not only used for household purposes but also for other electricity-dependent means, which has made the wheels of the country’s economy move.

On the other hand, the revenue of the government has also increased. Although there are allegations of corruption almost everywhere, the biggest relief for the government is the agriculture sector and its management. In a populous country like ours, careful and judicious use of limited arable land is desirable. It happened in our country. As a result, import dependence on our agricultural products has been reduced to a large extent and because of this agricultural revolution, the country of 16 crore people has been made self-sufficient in food, which is a very positive aspect for the country. Today’s agricultural revolution is the invention of the Awami League.

Our main sources of revenue, especially foreign exchange earnings, are exports of manufactured garments and manpower. Although it started with private ownership, these two sectors have gained enough speed due to the interest of the government. As a result, the driving force of the country’s economy has gained momentum. Along with that, the unemployment problem of the country has been solved a lot. Some products are exportable, which cannot be exported entirely by private enterprises. In this regard, the government’s activity is worth seeing. Governments and employers still have much to do to make the garment manufacturing environment acceptable to foreign buyers.

When the World Bank canceled the allocation from the Padma bridge, the Awami League government took it as a challenge. The government took the initiative to build the bridge with its own funding. The existence of the bridge is important to all of us now. Over the past few years, the Awami League government has vowed to build infrastructure. Flyovers, underpasses, and Metrorail etc. have been constructed.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been praised in the international arena for taking various steps to ensure people’s health protection to save lives from the Covid-19 pandemic. The influential US magazine Forbes has praised various initiatives of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Following this, the World Economic Forum also praised the Prime Minister’s role. The Asian Development Bank praised Sheikh Hasina for her handling of corona program and vaccination program. She has been able to bring economic and social progress to Bangladesh by having the opportunity to rule the country for more than 14 consecutive years. Its recognition is the UN SDG Progress Award 2021. She has received many such recognitions. Earlier, our country’s Prime Minister was selected as one of the three most successful and exemplary women heads of government in the Commonwealth of Nations.

However, we have to move forward with the challenges of reducing inflation, controlling market prices, curbing corruption, addressing the challenges of participatory and institutionalizing democracy, reducing income inequality, reducing unemployment, and reducing population density.

Bangabandhu’s dream of building a golden Bangladesh is being implemented by the Prime Minister with hard work and talent. With the hands of the world leader, this country will transform into a bright developed country like Singapore and Malaysia in a short time. Only Sheikh Hasina can build a developed, prosperous and peaceful Bengali nation and Bangladesh. She loved the country more than her children. Father’s unfinished work that needs to be completed. A non-sectarian, democratic and future modern Bangladesh should be built. This is also the expectation of the new generation.

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