Prime minister enhanced spirit of the liberation

Hiren Pandit: 

Today, the national flag is the main carrier of our identity all over the world. Then comes the national anthem. The father of the nation, the architect of Bengal, is still testifying to the fact that every single institution of this country was formed by him. His daughter, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is taking this state to the highpoint of development.

December is the month of pride of the Bengali nation, the month of excellence, the month of making history. It is the month of building the country with new strength, new impetus, new motivation, and the month of moving forward with a new oath. The long struggle of the Bengalis for independence was completed on 16th December 1971. The invading Pakistani forces were defeated in the bloody 9-month war of liberation. Bangladesh’s journey as a sovereign nation started in the world. The nation celebrated this Victory Day with a special atmosphere of joy and celebration of the golden jubilee of independence.

We have celebrated the golden jubilee of independence and victory in 2021 under the leadership of Prime Minister. Let a non-communal, self-reliant and poverty-free Bangladesh be built on the spirit and ideology of the war of liberation. The month of victory has brought new significance to the life of Bengalis. On the golden jubilee of victory, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina administered oath to the people. The whole nation has taken an oath to rejuvenate the spirit of the war of liberation and to brighten all the citizens with a new commitment. The Bengali nation has established its distinct culture.

Oath of Golden Jubilee and Mujib Year: ‘Bangladesh has achieved independence through a bloody liberation war against the exploitation and deprivation of Pakistani rulers under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The Bengali nation has established its distinct civilization in the heart of the world. Today, on Victory Day, I swear that I will not let the blood of martyrs go in vain–I will love the country, I will use all my strength for the overall welfare of the people of the country. I will build a golden Bengal of developed, prosperous and non-communal consciousness in the ideology of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. May the great Creator help us.’

This initiative is considered exciting and promising. We hope that the Bengali nationalist consciousness and ideology will be transmitted to the younger generation through this event. It will work as a motivation to inspire future generations to uphold the freedom, sovereignty and victory achieved through the war of liberation. The spirit of liberation war will be sharpened again among all including the new generation.

The new generation will know whether our independence has been achieved in a bloody war against Pakistan, based on great ideals. To make this achievement meaningful, we need to know and inform everyone about the great hero of independence Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the war of liberation. We must pass on the spirit of the great liberation war from generation to generation. May this be our pledge on this auspicious occasion of the golden jubilee of victory.

The new generation is not lost ideologically, we also have to do a lot for the youth. In all countries, the state is moving towards development and progress at the hands of the young generation. The contribution of the young generation in the creation of independent Bangladesh is huge. But when you look at many of the young generations of this land, that historical truth also turns into a false mirage! It is difficult to imagine the future of Bangladesh with some young generation who have deviated from the norm, that is why we have to work now.

Bangladesh is one of the richest countries in South Asia. As a developing country, is set to join the ranks of developing countries in 50 years. At the moment, Bangladesh is a ‘role model’ of development in the world in many social and economic indicators.

We have won the great war of liberation. We are a victorious nation. As a victorious nation, we will not bow down to anyone in the court of the world. By utilizing all the resources, we will build ourselves. This will be an important step for the people of this country. In this way, our beloved motherland Bangladesh will move forward with the role model of development.

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