Politics for People’s Welfare Should be Brought Back

Hiren Pandit: The human being is the only political creature among animals. Due to genetic characteristics, in most cases, the next political successor emerges from the political family by birth, and the practice of simple habits such as following-imitating the predecessors in speech, action and conduct prevails. Politics is mainly for the public interest and to advance welfare efforts by uniting the people, but politicians often try to enjoy the benefits individually and by the party by creating division instead of uniting the people for their own interests. In this case, their campaign style is different depending on the country and region. Sometimes religion, sometimes caste, sometimes caste differences, sometimes local and foreign etc. divisions are used gracefully.

The modern state is formed and governed by the process of politics, where the philosophy of direct participation of the people and management for their welfare has played a special role, freeing the state from the ancient or medieval feudal dictatorship. For this reason, politics is considered an essential ideology in modern state-building. People can reflect their ideology by participating in modern state governance. That is why the state has been able to rapidly change its character. A modern state now guarantees people a better life by fulfilling the conditions of all basic rights including food, clothing, education, medical care, and shelter. No society can become a modern state by shutting down politics. For that reason, it is said that the acceptable way of the modern state system, life system and the overall welfare and development of people is to run the state through political means. No alternative system of politics can be imagined in a modern state.

Among all the prevailing policies, politics is considered the best policy. Because politics revolves around public welfare words, actions and their overall significance above personal interest. The practice of real politics is to engage oneself voluntarily in political activities for the sake of public service without remuneration. The goal of politics is to win the election and get the desired position or to form the government subject to the election of the supported political party. As a result of participation in the work of government management by gaining political rank, one gets the qualification to conduct recognized activities such as public service for a certain period of time, on the other hand, it is possible to get an honorarium for the time spent in conducting the activities.

The main goal of politics is public welfare. This is especially true for grassroots parties like the Awami League. So, the leadership has to work more for public welfare. Only then will it be possible to win people’s hearts? Bangladesh has achieved incredible success in various fields. Sheikh Hasina is now praised by world leaders. But we have not yet reached our desired goal. Poverty and unemployment are big problems. Although poverty has been reduced, it has not yet been completely eradicated. Unemployment is increasing. Income inequality is also increasing. Corruption is also a major obstacle. These problems should be highlighted and Bangladesh should move towards the desired goal. That’s why we need visionary leadership. Public welfare should be the aim of every political party including the Awami League. If this is done, it will be possible to establish a developed and prosperous Bangladesh.

Politics is the best policy but political practice is like an outlet saw, which is always open. Even though political practitioners make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally for their own or party’s interests or take a stand against the public interest for any other reason, and despite opposing the proposal presented for the public welfare of the other party, they try unsuccessfully to protect themselves from public anger by expressing an opinion that it has been accepted for the sake of public welfare. Although the philosophy and party manifesto of all political parties is not the same, the election slogan of every political party is public welfare. But in the post-election period, how many roles that slogan can play in contributing to the public welfare in the independent legislative work of the members of the legislature, the law-making method of different countries, giving opinions on the draft proposal, above all, the obligation of voting for and against in turning the proposal into law, and taking individual decisions. The case is very important. Through this, the slogan of public welfare is not sincere, people get an opportunity to verify it in a society that practices real democracy, and in the next election, people take the opportunity to evaluate it by exercising voting rights.

Bangabandhu gave six points for independence. But there was one point in him. Because he knew there would be no solution in six points. For this freedom, he had to endure prison, oppression, and torture. During the Liberation War, Bangabandhu was arrested and taken to Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It was a very hot place where he was kept, and it was freezing cold. He was hurt in the back of the head while being taken as a prisoner.

Bangabandhu has done everything necessary to build a devastated country after independence. While managing the state, we see that he has created all the basic structures in just three and a half years. What do those who take power by imposing martial law ordinance, or suspending the constitution give democracy? Those who come to power with martial law ordinance cannot give democracy. There is a class of intellectuals. Because if there is a democracy, they have no value, so they want those who come by undemocratic means. Write as much as they can. Bangabandhu has given independence, he wanted to give economic freedom to the people of this country, is it his crime, he was killed?

Sheikh Hasina has said that she dedicated her life to the welfare of the people of Bangladesh. The Independence that my father gave me should not be troubled. We are working towards building a developed, prosperous country. We hope we can do that. We are also ready to sacrifice for the people of Bengal, as Bangabandhu gave his life for the people of Bengal.Sheikh Hasina said in an emotional voice recently, I have lost my parents and everyone. I was prevented from coming to the country, but still, I managed to come to the country. My father Bangabandhu gave his life to free the people of the country from hunger and poverty. I am working to establish his ideals and goals.

She said we were working with the aim that there will be no homeless and jobless. But the outbreak of coronavirus created a little problem but we are trying to overcome the situation. We have taken various programs and announced packages to deal with Corona. Awami League is now running the government. The party has a glorious role in every struggle of Bengalis starting from the freedom struggle of the country. Bengalis got an independent sovereign country under the leadership of Bangabandhu in 1971. In the continuation of the history, his daughter Sheikh Hasina has now taken the lead in the country. Under her leadership, the country is now on the highway of development. Along with development, she emphasized winning people’s hearts. She asked the leaders and activists to work from now on to win the party in the next election. Talks about finding the poor and helpless people. She also assured them that they will be given all kinds of support from the government.

But in that case, the relationships of trust with the senior policymakers of the party are very important. Apart from this, there is no legitimate opportunity to get financial benefits for conducting political activities in the public interest, except for the loss of personal work and waste of time. But it is not the case that everyone does politics only for the purpose of public service and gaining legitimate power through elections. Rather, many engage in immoral money-making by using political titles. Such a tendency can be observed more in different countries due to relatively poverty-stricken and weak democratic practices. However, how logical it is in the question of justice, the correct answer is questionable!

From 2001 to 2008, a big conspiracy to wipe out Awami League by using state power was hatched in the field of politics. Politics then gets really complicated for politicians. Many politicians and ideological politics also disappeared from politics. However, after the 2008 elections, there was a possibility that the politics of Bangladesh would return to its original place. The government formed under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina has improved the socio-economic and political development of the country through the formulation of the Charter of Change and Vision 2021.

After a few months, the 12th National Parliament elections are going to be held in the country. The politics centered on the election is again in a contradictory position as if it is preparing for a wrestling match. But politics is not just about getting and staying in power. It is to build a modern state system to realize the welfare of the people. For that reason, it is now absolutely necessary for this vast and densely populated country to present to the people how much they want to take, and how much they want to give to the political parties, not the preparation for the war, but the grand plan of building a non-communal democratic state. To properly reflect modern democratic politics, there is a need to improve the quality of education and culture along with economic development. Only then will the existence of our people not only survive but also develop to meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. Now that politics should be brought back to the country.

Hiren Pandit is a columnist and a researcher.

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