Let our humanity guide us

Hiren Pandit: Claiming that we are the greatest creatures in creation requires humans to prove that they are humane. However, everywhere in the world, people are still killed indiscriminately based on race, religion or caste, family love, and bonds, humanity is lost to pandemics like Corona, where men still have to fight to gain dignity as human beings, increasing various issues. Incidents such as violence against women, during cataclysms where certain individuals become the perfect opportunity for profit, and therefore whether humans are now turning into animals or worse, is a big question. People’s dreams keep them alive, but a world, a world needs everyone’s love, mutual respect, and understanding. The world we are creating today for our future generations should not be a textbook representation of a bygone era, which they will feel apprehensive about, but a world of love and kindness.
Let the sense of humanity and humanity among people wake up. Man is the best creature in creation because of the power of thought, conscience, knowledge, and judgment. But this dehumanized man does not hesitate to reveal himself as the lowest of creatures. One cannot be a human being without human qualities i.e. human behavior and moral education. Humanity is acquired through love, kindness, generosity, cooperation, compassion, patience, sacrifice, forgiveness, tolerance, sympathy, courtesy, discipline, modesty, good thinking, and good behavior. Giving charity, showing kindness, forgiving, establishing truth, cherishing non-violence, and benevolence are universally recognized as acts of virtue. But not everyone accepts these as the main work:
“Man is a rational creature, when he is full of law and judgment, he is the best creature on earth, and when he loses law and judgment, he is the worst creature on earth” This is what the philosopher Aristotle said. We are humans, the best creatures of creation, we are separated from other animals or everything for judgment and conscience. But, are we using our judgment, intelligence, and conscience? We do not think about how much moral slippage, and conscience slippage is happening every day. We are constantly abandoning the human qualities we have, ethics and morality are disappearing, and our ability to judge good and bad is disappearing. Human sympathy for human beings is disappearing in the womb of time, and love and kindness are slowly disappearing from our midst.
But we are gradually losing our human qualities, not as human beings, but gradually becoming inhuman and behaving cruelly like beasts. Why is this happening? As we are getting educated, our sense of humanity is constantly decreasing where it should be increasing. But why? Educated people are supposed to have more humane qualities, but it is not seen as much now. Nowadays one has to be constantly wounded, just turning the pages of the daily newspaper is about to suffocate, reading all this news, it is difficult to believe one’s own eyes.
It is undoubtedly possible to say that everyone will be at the same point about the conscience that is determined by the judgment of good and bad but will be at a different point about separating good and evil, that is, there will be different opinions on determining what is good and what is bad. This difference can be depending on the person, society, area, time, event etc. The work of conscience is to assist human beings in making appropriate decisions by judging future thoughts based on the present, giving it to the good and bad, advantages and disadvantages, capabilities and inabilities, and principles, but the actual decision must be made by the being itself. We all talk about the peace of the country, talk about the harmony of all, talk about brilliance, talk about principles, talk about truth, talk about success and we even like to hear these words.
In comparison, one’s bag is not so full that conscience becomes a tiger. And whatever peace or other positive things presented themselves for, a sick conscience comes and covers them like a cloud and hides the blue of the sky, which causes absolute suffering to all. But, do we think about conscience? Now we are busy competing to see who can go as low as possible. We don’t think about how much moral slippage is happening every day, in the race of life, everyone is concerned about how to move forward by leaving behind who is involved, it doesn’t matter to us that the conscience is slipping. Be resourceful at any cost. We are constantly sacrificing the human qualities that we have, for the acquisition of wealth, for the sake of luxury.
Morality is disappearing from among us, our ability to judge good and evil is disappearing. Human sympathy for human beings is disappearing in the womb of time, and love and kindness are slowly disappearing from our midst. Why is animalism growing among us? Where is the end of this social unrest? This degradation cannot be eliminated by legal framework alone. For this, the necessary social movements and civil society should come forward in this regard. Our human values have reached rock bottom. Why did this happen? Bengalis are generous and passionate people. He is blessed if he benefits others. I have known this for a long time. We came to see it. But now I see the opposite in reality.
Now we have lost tolerance and patience. What is the benefit of increasing the rate of education? It is time to consider whether we are being educated and are driving towards more barbarism. No form of education is helping to build our sense of values and humanity. It seems that we are gradually going back to primitive times. It is important to think deeply about the matter. It will be difficult for a nation to straighten up once it falls over the edge of the gulf. People are constantly fighting against themselves. Their values are being lost in that war. Humanity is also disappearing. Morality, values, and humanity are greater than the abundance of food and clothing.
As long as people do not grasp this sense, no one can produce gold in human life. If that education is not imparted to them from the initial stage, values will never be created. Because the real work of education is to create values. Not just giving knowledge. Knowledge is only a means of creating values. Due to all these reasons, the number of talented protestors who are idealistic honest and ethical in our society is decreasing. Our backs are against the wall in terms of moral and social degradation, let us turn forward again, get educated in moral education and use our Sukumar scholarships properly, prevent moral and social degradation awaken our sense of humanity, and move Bangladesh forward. For which 30 lakh martyrs have sacrificed themselves, many mothers and sisters have lost their dignity. We focus on building a beautiful Bangladesh, we can build a beautiful prosperous Bangladesh.
Hiren Pandit is a columnist and researcher

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