Ittadi’ this time in Bijaypur of Netrakona

Among the popular magazine programs of the country’s television media, “Ittadi” undoubtedly holds the first place. That too for the last three decades. The show ‘Etc’ is also loved by critics for its humanitarian reporting. Moreover, there is no comparison to ‘etc’ to know and inform about our history, heritage, civilization, culture, heritage, glorious places of liberation war, attractive tourist centers, natural beauty and public places. Due to this, people from different parts of the country are eager to see ‘Ittadi’. In continuation of the ‘Itatadi’ team’s journey to different parts of the country, this episode was shot at Naisargik Shovar Lilavami Netrakona

According to the rules of the audience, the four audience members are selected through a question and answer session around the venue corner. In the second episode Malay Kumar Ganguly, the Shabdasai artiste of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, participated with the selected audience. whose house is also in Netrakona. Selected audience members and invited artists Malay Kumar Ganguly sang excerpts from four of his most popular songs.

This episode of Shekar Thandhi ‘Ittadi’ also has some heart touching reports. Stone pelting on moving trains is a terrible threat to train passengers, guards and drivers. A group of young people are working to make people aware of this issue through campaigning. This year’s program highlighted the public awareness activities of these young people. There is a humanitarian report on Amlendu Kumar Das, a humanitarian of Moulvibazar. There is a report on Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Also, on the stage of Netrakona, as usual, there is talk of grandmothers and grandchildren on various contemporary topics. Advancement in Television Technology vs Degradation of Show Quality, Negative Impact of Internet Addiction, Life Full of Mistakes, Furious Rejection of Sabine Invitations, Vote Begging, YouTube Money Scams, Selfie Virus, Nonsense People’s License to Walk on Streets, Opportunistic Businessmen, File Pressure on Life, etc. There are several plays. In this event, artists of soil and man, Quddus Bayati and Islam Uddin Palakar, children of Netrokona, together sang two songs of Netrokona region in their familiar style. The song is composed by Mehdi. In addition, more than two hundred local Garo, Hajong and Bengali dancers of Vijaypur performed a dance with the words of Mohammad Rafiquzzaman, music by Hanif Sanket and a song composed by Mehdi about Netrakona. Choreography by Mala Martha Areng, Voices by Pulak, Tanjina Ruma, Momin Biswas and Noshin Tabassum. ‘Etadi’ is written, directed and presented by Hanif Sanket. Produced by Fagun Audio Vision, ‘Ettadi’ is sponsored by Kaya Cosmetics Limited.

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