Intensify the use of artificial intelligence in Bangladesh

Hiren Pandit
Although the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started extensively in the United States, China and even India, the use of this latest version of the technology in Bangladesh is still in its infancy, according to technology experts. Everyone should come forward to use artificial intelligence in Bangladesh. However, everyone is of the opinion that it is necessary to take advantage of the immense potential of using artificial intelligence in all parts of the country, beware of the negativity of artificial intelligence. Overcoming the fear of artificial intelligence and ensuring its utilization requires ‘creating opportunities for the positive use of artificial intelligence for all. This requires the active participation of stakeholders at all levels.
In E-commerce, healthcare, education and residential due to the increasing use of telemedicine services, work-from-home, video conferencing, online training, distance learning, video streaming and social media for home delivery of consumer goods, Covid-19 and general health advice mutual attachment has become essential for users. Due to this, the demand for internet bandwidth has increased tremendously.
The demand for connectivity will further increase in the coming years to prevent any epidemic. High-speed fiber optic-based connectivity needs to be increased instead of conventional technology. To ensure social distance, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and BigData will increase in the areas of telemedicine services, distance learning, online training, epidemiology, pandemic, the listing of social security recipients, etc.
It also needs to increase the capacity of telecommunication networks to meet the growing demand for e-commerce, outsourcing, freelancing, video streaming, and social media. In the current global situation, the 5-G network has been launched in a limited way. Many have already taken plans to introduce 5-G technology in Bangladesh. Telecom officials are being trained for 5G. Bangladesh must be at the forefront of implementing SDGs in a changed life system through the proper application of information technology through the concerted efforts of all.
In order to compete in the global competition of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to emphasize the preparation of infrastructure that supports the technological environment of Bangladesh. There are a few things to look for in developing artificial intelligence in Bangladesh. Must have the necessary hardware and systems. Till 2000 we have developed machine learning which is run with a CPU. But now we have to pay more attention to the graphics processing unit or GPU. Ensuring improved GPU will bring more capability to machine learning.
Google, the reason behind Facebook’s artificial intelligence skills is good Facebook in face detection and good Google in spam image detection. This detects artificial intelligence. But thousands of images, that is, thousands of data, are needed to enable artificial intelligence for this detection. Since Google and Facebook users are all over the world, their data numbers are high. That is why their artificial intelligence is more capable.

The youth of Bangladesh are curious about artificial intelligence, the concerned people think that there is an opportunity to use artificial intelligence positively for the progress of the country through these curious youth.
The number of agricultural workers in Bangladesh is 47% of the total population. But agricultural work still depends on nature, the traditional method of providing pesticides. Where there is a great potential for artificial intelligence in diagnosing crop diseases, soil conditions, weather. The number of doctors for 160 million people in the country is only 25-30 thousand. Here we must increase the use of technology. Moreover, artificial intelligence can be a reliable way to reduce system losses in the industrial sector.
Acknowledging the global concern that the use of artificial intelligence in almost all areas and excessive reliance on machine-robots could lead to human unemployment, the mobile phone operators have urged the positive use of artificial intelligence.
Many see the United States, China, and India emphasizing artificial intelligence as a way to reduce the physical labor of humans into knowledge-based labor. Artificial intelligence is already working on a small scale in well-known business organizations around the world. If Bangladesh backs away from artificial intelligence for fear of unemployment, it may fall behind the rest of the world. This advancement in technology is likely to reduce the number of manual laborers, as well as expand the field of knowledge-based labor.
A technology like ‘artificial intelligence is all around us without our knowledge, in a word, it can be said that ‘technology’ is being taught to make decisions like human beings. People need it. For example, in the healthcare system to provide proper health care to patients, to reduce human error. As well as what specific treatment they are using – this artificial intelligence is being used in simulation ‘Drug Discovery’ without using the drug on the patient.
Today, the support of this technology behind the vaccine and medicine of ‘Covid-19’ is not unknown to anyone. Otherwise, it would have taken much more time. Many countries are using this technology to control the epidemic. Governments in developed countries are using artificial intelligence to do urban planning, mass transit systems, river diversion, early flood detection, proper distribution and use of government resources, how much money pensioners may have to pay in the coming years, and city-wide traffic management. Artificial intelligence is being used in thousands of such things.
In addition to the use of this artificial intelligence in war gaming, an idea for the use of this technology in the military has come to the United States, as the Third Offset Strategy. In 2016, the Pentagon spent 2 billion on the use of artificial intelligence. The thing is, we may not be able to guess how this is happening – but everything around us is changing under the influence of this artificial intelligence.
Whether we like it or not- artificial intelligence is ingrained in everything. As we have seen- from healthcare to government work, to the transportation industry – to education – this artificial intelligence is making everything easy for those who want to do it. It is true that a great deal of power is coming into the hands of the people – very few people understand that.

Where machine learning is needed at the beginning of artificial intelligence – machine learning is required for artificial intelligence. In other words, the part of artificial intelligence that is machine learning is the process of giving intelligence to the machine. There is a huge movement going on in the world with AI for social good by using data in human work. It is good to know about machine learning because its use is going on in every sector. Artificial intelligence is a present and future skill set. From time to time we get some ‘intelligent’ behavior from the animals around us. The fact is that since the animal is following something on the human scale, we call it an intelligent animal. The thing is that he is behaving like a human being, but if he does something like that, it can be said to be intelligent on his scale. The intelligence that exists in something is revealed in the outcome of its work or in its use. But the origin of this intelligence is in the head of us or the animals. We do not yet know much about how these bits of intelligence are working in our heads because we cannot see directly the processes that make them work. We know that things happen with electronic pulses inside the neurons of the head, but its ‘internal’ things are still unknown to us.
There are a lot of talks now about artificial intelligence. But the simple answer to this intelligence car, man. Attempts to replace human intelligence and thinking power in machines with computers. All of us are familiar with robots such as animal or man-made devices that are computer-controlled automatic systems. People can work exactly the way they work. These devices do not have the ability to create and express advanced thoughts or feelings like humans. He cannot go beyond artificial intelligence and the robotic computer that is given the specific program. In the same way, like human beings, he cannot come to a conclusion by using conjecture and the sixth sense. In the field of artificial intelligence, science is researching how robots can be brought closer to the human brain.
Hiren Pandit is a columnist and researcher

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