Innovation needed for social media monetization

Hiren Pandit
Nowadays social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter all offer ways for users to make money. For example, these platforms show ads on videos. Hence, the influencers make money from those videos. As a result of the increased use of these platforms, these virtual spaces have become a lucrative source of income for many people. The easy access and the use of all social media networking websites have enabled people to utilize their inner talents and exhibit them on the internet to earn through these forums. Existing businesses are also using social media forums and utilizing social media marketing to the fullest to expand their business and make it big, which is very much possible through these social media platforms.
Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. With the help of this popular social networking sites created by Mark Zuckerberg, people can earn money instead of just making friends. However, it is not possible to earn money just with a Facebook profile. You need to have a Facebook page or group. Suppose one has a Facebook group with 50,000 likes or 50,000 members. Then the person can easily make money in a short time with this page.
Selling a company’s products and enjoying a portion of its profits is called affiliate marketing. If people want, they can do affiliate marketing through Facebook. However, to do this the people need a platform. One can enjoy dividends by selling various products of a company through Facebook. Anyone can earn money from Facebook by uploading videos on Facebook. However, in this case, one has to follow some rules that have been mentioned by the Facebook authorities.
One needs to have at least 10 thousand likes on the Facebook page to start getting monetary benefits. In 60 days, that is, in two months, the number of views of the page should reach 30,000 thousand. However, the length of each video of those 30,000 views must be at least 3 minutes.
Suppose a person opens a Facebook page or a group. It is possible to increase the likes and members in a short time by posting regular articles on that group or page and inviting friends. Then when more members or likes are added to that Facebook page or group, different companies or individuals may show interest in buying from the Facebook page. In that case, one can earn money by selling the Facebook page or group if they want a Facebook profile or page promotion. When one can add 50,000 likes or members to a group or page, one can easily promote a person’s Facebook page and profile by sharing their Facebook page or profile link. In that case, the person or the owner of the page can pay the Facebook account holders a certain sum of money.
If anyone has a newspaper website then they can earn money through Facebook Instant articles. The online news portals of our country can earn huge amounts of money through Facebook instant articles. Finally, there is huge turmoil on Facebook about ongoing viral issues. If anyone uses Facebook Instant Articles to post news on the ongoing viral content, they will be able to succeed very quickly and earn a lot of money.

Social networking platforms are no longer limited to just communication. They are bringing various benefits for the users. These sites are adding one feature after another to sustain their existence. By creating and sharing content on Snapchat, users worldwide can earn 1 million USD (approximately taka 8.5 crore) per day. Users only need to share content using their smartphone camera to earn money through this app. Users can earn money by submitting content or snaps created through the app to Spotlight.

Last year, a short video platform called Shorts was launched on YouTube. Content creators can now share their created short videos on YouTube Shorts. Google pays the users who get the most views and likes for their videos. In addition, the YouTube channels will have at least 12,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers in 12 months. The world’s youngest YouTuber, 5-year-old Ryan earns millions of dollars a month from showing his toys alone.

Users can make money through the Twitter app. For this, you can use a tips jar. Android or iPhone users can use this feature to send or receive tips. This feature of Twitter is currently open to a large number of users. It is also possible to earn money sitting at home through Instagram. Income can be generated from here through this platform by creating content.

As the views of videos shared by content creators’ increase, so do the number of their followers and the more followers they have, the more money different brands will be spending on advertising their products. It is also possible to earn money from WhatsApp. It is expected that the income from social media will increase further. Just a few days ago, Facebook announced the launch of a new website. Content creators can create and share free and paid newsletters through this website called Bulletin. That is, income can be generated through this platform. The authors of the bulletin will be able to keep the entire income that will come from the subscription. “Our goal is to support the idea that millions of people can make a living through creative work,” says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO.

The creators of Tik-Tok entertain, inspire and present themselves in a variety of ways. The Tik-Tok authorities give creators their support and rewards for such work. If anyone wants to get the prize given by Tik-Tok, the people have to fulfill certain conditions. These conditions include having at least 10 thousand actual followers. Besides, in the last 30 days, they have to have one lakh actual video views. If the conditions are met, Tik-Tok users of certain countries will be able to earn money easily.
According to its official blog of YouTube, the fund set aside for YouTube Shorts is worth USD 100 million. This money will be distributed by this year. Unique YouTube shorts content creators can get paid here. Creators can also earn money from long videos on YouTube. How much they earn from here will depend on how your subscribers are and how the video is viewed. You can start earning money if anyone completes 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand public watch hours in the last 12 months on YouTube. It is also possible to earn money through Super Chat on YouTube.
Instagram content creators will be able to purchase badges during live videos if they want to show the option of financial support. Followers will be able to see the financial support option as soon as they enter Live and pay any amount they want. Money can be sent and received with the help of a Twitter Tip Jar. Both Android and iPhone users can send and receive tips. This feature is currently available to a large number of users. In particular, creators, journalists, experts in various fields and non-profit organizations will be able to earn money using this feature.
Clubhouse allows users to earn money through the ‘Creator First’ program. All the money that a creator earns from a clubhouse is given to them. In other words, the clubhouse authorities do not cut any part from here. In the future, the company will launch more ways to earn money. The clubhouse has advised users to search for this regularly.
The scope of the internet is only increasing day by day and the most popular medium is a variety of social media. Apart from entertainment, these mediums are also becoming a source of income. There are many ways to earn money from social media these days. Most internet users spend some time of the day on various social media. Studies have shown that users spend at least 1 to 1.5 hours on social media. However, for those who are addicted, this time is much longer. But nowadays it is not bad to be obsessed with social media if it is your source of income.

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