Enlightened Young Generation is Needed to Build an Inclusive Society

Hiren Pandit: Youth is the brave, struggling, and creative chapter of human life. Breaking the old, reforming and making something new is like the religion of youth. The thoughts and minds of the youth should reform the old and create the idea of doing something new. Young society should come forward in this reform work with courage and honesty. Young people coming forward will indeed initiate change at all levels of society. In this case, the collective efforts of the young society are most effective.: According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the youth are between 15 and 29 years old. In the government’s youth policy, this limit is 18 to 35 years. If the age limit is considered to be 29 years old, then about 40 percent of the country’s people are below it. A large part of the country’s population is youth. If you want to think about the future of Bangladesh with various socio-social diversity, you must consider the youth. Young people will lead the implementation of the global development agenda. The youth will initiate the revolution of change at all levels of society and in this, the collective effort of the youth is the most effective. If they see any irregularity or corruption in the society they have to protest unitedly and if the protest comes from the youth, then no one can stop it.
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the youth the hardest. The magnitude is even higher for marginalized and disadvantaged youth. The time has come to consider whether technological disparities are leading to alienation among young people, with adverse effects on education, employment, and mental health. It remains to be seen whether many young people are roaming away from the mainstream of society.
This condition of the youth is causing various inconsistencies. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze the isolation of young people more deeply considering the socio-economic context of Bangladesh. The achievements of the youth of our country are many. Youth are advancing in sports, art, literature, and culture. Young society is moving forward in different ways using different incentives and possibilities. But it is not clear whether the energy of a significant section of the youth is being properly utilized for the country and the nation and we have to think about it. They must voluntarily lead the mainstream. The youth of today are the policymakers of the future. If they protest against irregularities and corruption, society will start changing slowly. Therefore, the participation of the youth in all welfare activities of the state and society is necessary. If the young society sleeps, the shadow of dark clouds will never move from the sky of the society immersed in irregularities and corruption. To change the society, the young society
You have to get out of self-centered thinking. Along with building a career, one has to think about the country and the society. All social welfare work should come forward. Youth is a source of infinite vitality. That is why youth should be used to make life dynamic and promising. To reform the dilapidated social system and create something new, the young society must first wake up. We must stand against corruption. Only then it is possible to eliminate corruption at all levels of society. The power of youth can take society forward on the path of prosperity.
The role of youth in all the reform movements including the anti-British movement, the language movement, the 1969 mass uprising, and the liberation war of Bangladesh was undoubtedly commendable. Our future is very promising. So, the young society has to take some challenges to build an ideal society. One has to dream about the social state and accordingly one has to bravely overcome all the obstacles and walk the path of the dream. Proper preparation should be done and the proper preparation of the young society will take not only itself but also the society and the state to a unique path of success. A large part of the total population of the country is youth. This is young
Society is now the innovative force to solve our social problems. Youth should come forward to build a happy-prosperous society and continue the progress of the country through competent leadership and hard work. Young society is like a bright sun hidden behind dark clouds. Some dishonest, corrupt people in society try to use the young society in various criminal and anti-social activities in a planned way for personal gain. However, despite these adversities, various social voluntary organizations are being developed with the help of some important people of the society, patriotic politicians and some social workers with the collective efforts of the youth of the country.
These voluntary organizations are working selflessly for the society. They are working as volunteers to make various government initiatives successful in the critical moment of the country. In addition, the youth are conducting various philanthropic activities, including raising funds for post-disaster rescue operations and providing financial assistance to victims and survivors. Bangladesh is moving towards prosperity with the help of youth.
Bangladesh is moving towards prosperity with the help of youth. Bangladesh is the dream of the young generation. Bangladesh is committed to achieving the SDGs by 2030 and becoming a developed country by 2041. For that, the present government is taking significant steps to ensure decent jobs for the youth by creating various employment opportunities through wage-earning and self-employment.
We need to focus on employment. It is the responsibility of all of us to properly educate the future generation of the country without destroying it. Just as teachers have a responsibility for quality education, so do parents and civil society. Everyone in the society including the government party, opposition party, and civil society has the responsibility to create employment.
Job creation is a major challenge; to move the country forward by keeping the country’s education system error-free and corruption-free. It is not possible to get a job by bypassing it. Even with a big degree, there is no work. The number of educated unemployed is increasing in the country as the education system is not in line with the market demand.
Our education system is not meeting the demand for skilled and educationally qualified workers in the labor market. Not only that, due to the lack of special skills in the education of the universities of Bangladesh, the young people who have completed their studies are not able to meet the demands of the job market. Only 19 percent of college graduates are employed full-time or part-time, while nearly half are unemployed. Furthermore, female graduates are much more likely to be unemployed and out of education two years after graduation: 43 percent of female university graduates are unemployed, compared to 37 percent of male graduates.
However, the recognition of youth unemployment as one of the major problems for the economy is missing from our policies. Many feel that the National Youth Policy 2017 has not given enough attention to creating employment for the youth. There is no specific action plan for youth employment in the policy. However, since the private sector contributes more to the economy, the private sector must be the main source of employment. The government should provide policy support to create more employment there.
Strict quality control in education is necessary to overcome this situation. For this, the approval structure, supervision and quality control of private universities should be done properly. In order to create a higher education curriculum, the curriculum needs to be updated according to the market demand. Coordination between legislators, employers and university authorities is required. The government should take some necessary plans. Not only good education but also vigilance and devotion are most needed. We want to see education as a career, we don’t want to see the curse of unemployment, we don’t want to see the youth frustrated, we want to see them as entrepreneurs. Creating employment for the youth is very important.
For this, a special allocation should be made for employment creation. However, budgeting can be used as an effective tool in the job creation process in various ways. Investment in infrastructure projects, road expansion and others. Creates jobs for various segments of the workforce. There should be a picture of the number of jobs, their types, and the sectors in which the jobs will be created. Although skill development training has increased in recent years, there is still a huge skills shortage in the job market. Many workers in the private sector have been laid off. Lack of IT knowledge, especially among youth from disadvantaged families, shows a lack of technical knowledge required for employment, further pushing them back. We should focus on the above to mainstream the youth to build a progressive and prosperous society.
The youth of today are the policymakers of the future. If they protest against irregularities and corruption, then society will gradually change. Therefore, the participation of youth in all the welfare activities of the state and society is absolutely necessary. If the young society sleeps, the shadow of dark clouds will never disappear from the sky of a society immersed in irregularities and corruption. If the society wants to change, the young society must come out of self-centered thinking. Along with building your own career, you have to think about the country and society. We should come forward in all social welfare work. Youth is a reservoir of endless vitality. Therefore, youth should be used to make life dynamic and hopeful. First of all, the young society should wake up to create something new by reforming the dilapidated social system.
Young women are the life force of the society. Some dishonest people in society try to systematically use the youth for various criminal and anti-social activities for personal gain. However, in spite of these adversities, with the help of some noble people, patriotic politicians, and some philanthropic people, various social voluntary organizations are being formed in different parts of the country with the collective efforts of the young society. These voluntary organizations are selflessly working for the society. Apart from this, the youth do many kinds of public welfare work including rescue work after natural disasters and collecting money to provide financial assistance to the victims. Bangladesh is moving forward on the path of prosperity at the hands of youth. Bangladesh dreams about the young generation.
Youth are playing an important role in the implementation of SDGs. Ensuring inclusive and quality and lifelong learning opportunities for all and promoting inclusive and sustainable economic activities, including empowering the girl child, with an emphasis on ensuring full and productive employment and decent work, youth work. Every time we have succeeded and seen the face of victory as a nation, the role of the youth has been undeniable. Because young people dream of a better future, they struggle to realize their dreams and establish themselves in personal and social life.

They are the most important in eradicating hunger and poverty. Currently, the number of working or young people in Bangladesh is more than ever and 2037 is the best time to invest in human resources and achieve economic prosperity in Bangladesh. So, by proper utilization of our youth population, we as a nation can reach the pinnacle of development though it is not automatic. If a significant section of the youth can be roused to regular participation in constructive activities, a great movement can be created across the country. And this kind of action can open the door of immense potential for Bangladesh.
Young people are taking an active role in preventing child marriage and dowry with the aim of improving the overall quality of life of disadvantaged people. With the aim of freeing society from the ravages of drugs, the young society is aware and organizing mass resistance. Regular workshops and yard meetings are held to establish harmony with the aim of building a healthy, beautiful, liberal and multi-dimensional society. They are providing education support to children and adolescents from underprivileged families and conducting senior education programs. So that the young generation can come out of prejudice and backwardness; can prevent violence; It is necessary to build more science clubs in the country so that they can be developed as science-minded and rational. Science clubs will be practicing centers to develop themselves as enlightened people through study circles.
Hiren Pandit is a columnist and researcher

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