Bangladesh Moving Towards a Free Fair and Credible Election

Hiren Pandit

A total of 1,896 candidates will run in the January 7 polls amid a boycott by major opposition BNP, its allies, and some other like-minded parties.

Of them, 1,506 are nominees of 27 registered political parties while the rest are independents, Election Commission sources said.

Election campaigning for the polls has begun from 17th December today after the allocation of electoral symbols to the candidates by returning officers. In line with the EC’s directive, the government has asked the authorities concerned to take measures so that political programs cannot take place across the country from today till the polling day except electioneering.

The people of this country want peaceful and safe elections. Everyone has the right to do politics in a peaceful environment. The government has also promised to provide all kinds of cooperation in organizing peaceful elections. All expect free, impartial, and fair elections.

Awami League wants peaceful elections to keep the promises given to the people by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Awami League. Under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, all forces, including those of the supporters of the liberation war, are starting a campaign to organize a beautiful election victory.

As long as the same trend is not returned to our country’s politics, the trend of unnecessary snubbing of foreigners will not go away. It is the great weakness of our internal politics that we want to cut off our noses to break the next journey.

If the politicians do not correct themselves, outsiders will be able to listen, it will not do any good. There will be no welfare of the country. So country, mother, motherland, and freedom are above all, the more you remember it, the better for the country. Despite various uncertainties and fears, the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections will be held on January 7.

Despite many disappointments, there is a bright streak of light before the nation. Everyone wants a fair, beautiful, free, impartial, and acceptable election. Bangladesh has become a developing country. Bangladesh is working towards establishing a prosperous and smart Bangladesh, free from exploitation and discrimination, free from hunger and poverty through the implementation of SDGs. In a democratic regime, the best means of changing the government is through fair and free elections. Through elections, the people can elect representatives of their choice and hold the governing power.

If there is no rigging in the elections, democracy becomes institutionalized. But in developing countries, political instability exists around elections. Free and fair elections are essential to institutionalize democracy.

The Election Commission has to fulfill its due responsibilities for free and fair elections. The Election Commission has been made independent by the new law. The Election Commission is now fully independent, strong, and responsible.

So fair elections can be expected because all the responsibilities of conducting the election are vested in the Election Commission. Fair election before democracy. A fair, fair, and impartial election can give the nation a beautiful parliament. Attention should be paid to ensure that the National Assembly elections are not controversial. Care must be taken to ensure that the country does not face dire consequences.

The current government is developing the country by keeping the life of democracy alive. Democracy means self-respect, justice, good governance, and human development, i.e. creating bonds of harmony and harmony with each other. Many people are in fear and panic about the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections.

There is pre-election violence, unrest, or political tension. People want fair, free, and peaceful elections in a fear-free environment. This demand is the fundamental right of the people. People do not want to stumble from getting this right. A large part of the population is common people. And it is the responsibility of the elected government of a democratic state to make the common people happy.

Everyone must abide by the election laws and regulations to implement the promise to keep elections free from influence and interference. Election interference, the spread of influence, black money, misuse of religion, spreading seeds of communalism, etc. must be strictly monitored. In a democratic state system, the mutual agreement-cooperation-harmony and polite behavior of the ruling party and the strong opposition party make democracy truly meaningful.

By organizing various meetings, the mistakes of the government can be highlighted from an impersonal perspective and positive-constructive criticism can be attributed to the unique success of the government in running the country.

Bangladesh is moving forward and the progress will continue. By 2041, Bangladesh will be a smart country, with smart people, a smart economy, a smart society as well as smart-skilled manpower.

This will fulfill the dream of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. A free, fair, and credible election must be ensured in the country. Everyone’s expectation in this election is a peaceful and festive election with all the political parties participating in the election. Common people will elect their favorite candidates in this election.

It is the sole responsibility of all, irrespective of party affiliation, to make elections meaningful and fruitful. Otherwise, the country’s environment can become chaotic, chaotic, and out of control.

The entire nation is in a festive mood with the election. During elections, not only the arena of politics is heated, but also there is a possibility of evil forces raising their heads which can create misery in public life. The current government has been in power for 15 consecutive years. At this time, there is a lot of bitterness in the field of politics, sabotage is going on. The last election was held in 2018.

Later, the all-encompassing coronavirus epidemic caused the whole world to face an indescribable disaster. The coronavirus epidemic that started in 2020 is still spreading its influence and the social and economic effects are still there. The year 2021 is not too late to herald the worst of the global economic recession.

The opposition has no account of these things. The country belongs to everyone, the people who do politics are considered by the common people. It is also desirable that the political leaders who ensure a safe and prosperous life should know about meditation. The auspicious inauguration of Padma Bridge on June 25, 2022, is a new journey for the country. The construction of the Padma Bridge with modern technology with its financing was written in the pages of history as an unforgettable achievement of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Also, hundreds of other bridges have been inaugurated, which are essential for the development of the country’s transportation system.

It goes without saying that whoever comes to power will face imminent disaster along with the people if they fail to rein in the aggravating situation in the constructive dialogue review. All the universal problems should be solved together, it is also the logical demand of the time. In politics, it is not the right decision to move forward only for the desire for power. Rather, all should work for the people, for the welfare of the people. Voters should also be aware of this. To give the vote to the candidate of your choice, you have to be steadfast in your strength.

Everyone has the freedom to exercise their civil rights in a fair environment. The politics of killing and mayhem before elections has turned into a gross subculture in our country. A prudent party is also necessary for the proper politics of the country.

Those who will convey the good message of all times and ages to everyone, that is the step of healthy and fair politics. People’s spontaneity is what adorns democratic political culture. It will not be right to verify the fairness of the election based on statistics. Fair-free-neutral elections depend on voter participation. The main challenge of the 12th National Assembly elections is to ensure voter participation, i.e. to bring it to a satisfactory level. 30-40 percent voter turnout or any such statistics cannot help us understand the real situation. Elections in many developed countries have seen voter turnout below 50 percent.

So, we have to think about removing existing crises and obstacles without worrying about statistics or probabilities. The first step is to strengthen security so that the voters can reach the center safely and cast their votes without fear, but the army will remain as the striking force until a few days after the elections.

Along with this, priority should also be given to ensuring a fair voting environment in the polling station. If voters can come to the center and cast their votes themselves, people will have a positive impression of the election environment. Then the voters who have not exercised their right to vote will also come to the center to vote. Relationship of trust between political parties.

If there is a crisis of trust between the political parties, it is difficult to organize fair elections in this manner. Due to the division over national history and heritage, two types of identities also operate between parties in the political arena. The political culture of the country must have individuality and individuality.

There is no precedent that representatives of any other country can come and solve these problems. Rather, the division in internal politics increases. In many cases, there are some issues related to the interests of foreigners behind increasing this division. By definition in international relations, foreigners put their interests first. Only if their interests are met, they take any cooperative initiative. Being tactful in bilateral relations is essential as there are vested interests.

Only a strategic position can give us a fair solution. It must be remembered that foreigners often use political divisions to pursue their interests. Before the election, the political crisis began to intensify. As a result of the political crisis, the suffering in public life increased. Mistrust between political parties led to increased conflict and violence.

A political crisis cannot be positive at all for the nation. We need to reach a consensus on conducting fair and regular elections. As a result of the political crisis, various indicators of the economy, public life, and social sectors started to deteriorate. The economy is going through tough times. It has the shadow of a global crisis.

Observing the political crisis, foreign investors lost confidence. Ahead of the twelfth national parliament election of Bangladesh, the bipolar political division of the country has taken a conflicting form. In the meantime, there have been many vandalisms, around 300 buses and trucks have been burnt. Rail lines were cut, trains were set on fire and many tragic deaths were reported in the media. We want them to end. It is the only expectation of the countrymen that this parliamentary election is being held in a free, fair, peaceful, and festive environment with the participation of all the parties and that the verdict of the people given through the ballot is expressed without hindrance.

In a democratic system, there is no other acceptable method or means of changing the government or forming the government other than elections. Article 7 of our Constitution declares that the people, possessing all power, shall be the center of all political action. Constitution is the supreme political document of a nation, it is the sacred responsibility and duty of a nation to uphold the constitution. On the other hand, there is no substitute for free, fair, unimpeded, influence-free elections in a constitutional democratic system. Such an election is our national responsibility. It is not difficult for the current Election Commission to conduct an acceptable and beautiful election if the government, opposition parties, administration, media, observers, and people all cooperate.

A cooperative environment among all stakeholders involved in elections will encourage voters to vote fearlessly. Everyone should work to protect people’s voting rights and achieve people’s economic freedom. It is the responsibility of the government to protect the voting rights of the people. Keeping in mind the days of killing, torture, and rape during the 2001 election and after the election, the administration should be careful in this matter so that no such incident can create a vicious cycle in the future. If the politicians do not correct themselves, outsiders will be able to listen, it will not do any good. There will be no welfare of the country.

Everyone should play a role in creating a festive and peaceful environment around the election. The professionalism of those involved in the polls and the impartiality and fairness of the public officials and employees must perform their duties.

Law enforcement agencies must be especially vigilant to ensure that voters can cast their ballots and return home safely on polling day. In particular, he should pay special attention to the security of minorities. Everyone in the election program should work from their respective places while maintaining a fair, neutral, and peaceful environment.

The writer is a columnist and a researcher

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