Awami League will hold a Free-fair and Credible Election

Hiren Pandit: Awami League will hold a free, fair, beautiful, impartial and credible election. Awami League attained independence and made the country a developing country. Working to establish a prosperous and smart Bangladesh free from exploitation and discrimination, free from hunger and poverty through the implementation of SDGs. In a democratic system of government, the best means of changing the government is through free, fair and credible elections. Through elections, the people can elect representatives of their choice and hold the governing power. If there is no rigging in the elections, democracy becomes institutionalized. But in developing countries, the basic structure of democracy is very weak due to widespread rigging of elections. As a result, there is political instability in the country. Free and fair elections are essential to institutionalize democracy. The Election Commission has to fulfill its due responsibilities for free, fair and credible elections. The Election Commission is now fully independent, strong and responsible so fair elections can be expected. Because all the responsibilities of conducting the election are conferred in the Election Commission. The election commission is responsible for preparing the voter list, announcing the election date, formulating the election code of conduct and monitoring the election environment. Therefore, free and fair elections are not possible without a strong Election Commission.
In spite of various uncertainties and fears, the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections are getting the mood. In spite of many disappointments, there is a bright streak of light before the nation. In the meantime, various rumors are floating in the air. People don’t want to listen to those rumors. The peaceful people of the country do not want to see or understand any reason for despair. The 12th National Parliament elections may be held at the end of this year. A successful election requires the participation of all parties and people of all opinions. In this regard, the role of the Election Commission is important, but the government must be supportive. Elections are essential for handing over power to a new government for a new term after the expiry of the term. But how will that election? Who will do it? Will the election be guaranteed to be fair? Or the next election will be one-sided? To bring all the parties to the election, the Election Commission must first create an environment for the election. So that all the citizens can cast their vote freely for the person of their choice, the Election Commission should perform that duty properly. The Election Commission should ensure a fair and healthy political environment by making a realistic action plan in advance. The crisis of trust between political parties should be resolved through discussion. Other parties should also come forward to cooperate. But the people will vote for the preferred candidate, the main responsibility of creating that field is the Election Commission.
The fair election before democracy. A fair, fair and impartial election can give the nation a beautiful Parliament. If all the parties participate, there will be no question about the election. The role of the government party in this field is very important. Apart from this, the Election Commission has to discuss with all the parties and organize the elections with popular views. If the next National Assembly elections are disrupted, then the country may face dire consequences, the countrymen fear. It must be remembered that history will not forgive if the country’s democratic governance system is endangered due to an imprudent decision or mistake of the politicians, and the election goes wrong. Democracy is a prerequisite for the vitality and development of a state. The present government is developing the country by keeping the life of democracy alive. Democracy means self-esteem, justice, good governance, and human development, that is, creating bonds of harmony and harmony with each other. Many people are in fear and panic about the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. Is there any violence, unrest or political tension before the elections? However, if such an unwanted situation arises or someone wants to create it, the outcome may not be good. The people will answer them as they should.
Rumors have already started about whether the election will be confrontational or not, whether it will be held at all, whether it will be participatory or not. Moreover, even if there is an election, whether it will turn into violence etc., there are various thoughts among the people. People want fair, free and peaceful elections in a fear-free environment. This demand is the fundamental right of the people. People do not want to stumble from getting this right. A large part of the people are the poor, the helpless, the miserable and the common people. It is the responsibility of the elected government of a democratic state to make the common people happy.
The Awami League and the government are only thinking about the national parliament elections now. For this purpose, the party’s manifesto is being prepared. Awami League has decided to close the conference of all branches of the grass-roots until the parliamentary elections, fearing that it may have a negative impact. The government is trying to complete the major development projects as soon as possible. A national budget has been prepared to attract voters. The party is looking to reach out to the voters. For this purpose, smart corners are being set up in Awami League offices across the country. Along with this, training has been arranged for grassroots leaders and activists. The ruling party will also do public relations from September to highlight the success and achievements of the government before the parliamentary elections. According to political observers, the government is reluctant to give concessions even though the BNP has announced a one-way movement on the issue of the government during the election. For this reason, Awami League has started preparations for the elections in full swing in addition to confronting the movement of the BNP.

The curiosity about the elections in the public mind will gradually build up, the election process will also take a final form. People’s talk about the activities, movements and behavior of major political parties is gradually creating a new atmosphere. The European Union (EU) and development-supporting countries and organizations are working to make the upcoming parliamentary elections free, fair and impartial. Already, these organizations are talking about sending observation missions and various assistance. We will gradually see many of these things over time. First of all, victory or defeat both mental preparation and goodwill are very important in the election of political parties. Dhaka’s aspiration to pursue an independent domestic and foreign policy while upholding the interests of Bangladesh is well known and elections are one of the most important components in the maintenance of democratic culture in the civilized world. Free and fair elections are a constitutional-ethical duty and obligation under the ongoing government in all developed-developing-underdeveloped countries.
In a democratic state system, the mutual agreement-cooperation-harmony and polite behavior of the ruling party and the strong opposition party make democracy truly meaningful. By organizing various meetings-meetings-seminars-symposiums, the mistakes of the government can be highlighted in a humanistic perspective and positive-constructive criticism can be attributed to the unique success of the government in running the country. No system of power grabs like char grabs is characteristic of modern political culture.
Bangladesh is an independent-sovereign state. Those organizations or individuals have no authority to speak about the internal affairs of the country. However, what they are saying, they are devoid of reality and completely baseless. Those who have no idea about Bangladesh are suddenly saying different things every now and then. We don’t think there is any need to emphasize them. The government will not even bother with them.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned that no one could raise a single question about the recent city elections of Barishal, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet and Gazipur. She asked if elections were so peaceful in Bangladesh in the past. Regarding the various by-elections of the Parliament, she said that every by-election was held in a fair, free and impartial manner. Expressing her commitment to work for the people of the country in the coming days, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in the national parliament that only Awami League can hold free, fair and impartial elections in the country.
Referring to the recent city corporation elections in the country and the parliamentary by-elections held during her rule, the prime minister said, “I can say unequivocally that only Awami League can hold free, fair and impartial elections in this country.” Achieving economic freedom. We are working and will continue to do so.’
Sheikh Hasina said that no one could raise a single question about the recent city elections of Barishal, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet and Gazipur. She asked if elections were so peaceful in Bangladesh in the past. Regarding the various by-elections of the Parliament, he said that every by-election was held in a fair, free and impartial manner. The Prime Minister said, they have secured voting rights of the people, made them aware of their rights and kept the democratic flow in the country uninterrupted.
As Awami League is in power, the democratic process continues in the country, the purchasing power of the people has increased, and the country has achieved the status of a developing country. The people of the country got freedom by voting for their election symbol ‘Boat’, and by voting on the boat Manga (famine) was eliminated and food security was ensured. The people of the country have repeatedly voted for Awami League, they are reaping the benefits. “Today, we have reduced the poverty rate from 40 percent to 18 percent,” she said, adding that it could have been further reduced if the world had not had the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war.
She also said that despite the pandemic and war, the government has been able to keep the country’s economy moving by providing food, medical care and other services to the people. Referring to Bangladesh achieving the status of a developing country in 2021, Sheikh Hasina said, Inshallah, Bangladesh is moving forward and the progress will continue. Bangladesh will be a smart country by 2041 – where there will be smart people, smart economy, smart society, smart government as well as smart-skilled manpower and the dream of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman will be fulfilled.
Regarding the various by-elections of the Parliament, she said that every by-election was held in a fair, free and impartial manner. Addressing those who raise questions about human rights in Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said that today many people come to Bangladesh in search of human rights. My question is where the human rights peddlers were when they were killed, tortured and raped in the 2001 elections? Why were they silent? Why didn’t they speak? Many people give us pictures. Teach human rights. We are deprived of human rights. For those who protect murderers with indemnity, many international organizations and many countries raise the issue of human rights after listening to them. Referring to the issue of sheltering the Rohingyas, Sheikh Hasina also said that the Awami League government has given shelter to the persecuted and oppressed people of other countries, why should the Awami League government violate human rights? how to do How to say this?
Regarding the world situation, Sheikh Hasina said that many people are being killed in many places around the world. Even in America, children are being shot and killed every day. Referring to the recently held five city corporation elections, the prime minister said, “Those who say that there will be no elections during the Awami League period, only city corporation elections were held (Barishal, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Khulna and Gazipur). We lost in Gazipur, we won the other four as well. Has anyone raised a question about this election? Did we go there to steal votes? We didn’t do it. Has there ever been such a peaceful election in Bangladesh? City elections were held in Dhaka in 1993. Mohammad Hanif won. Then BNP shot and killed six Awami League leaders and activists in Lalbagh. We must not forget that. Such terrorist acts have been done in every election.
The Prime Minister mentioned that all the by-elections held during the Awami League period were free, fair and impartial. Only Awami League can give free and fair elections. We can say that unequivocally. To preserve the voting rights of the people, and to achieve the economic emancipation of the people. That is our goal. That is what we are doing. We will do that. People have repeatedly overcome many obstacles and elected Awami League by voting. The people of the country are getting its benefits.
Pointing out that the fate of the people of Bangladesh has been repeatedly played with, the Prime Minister said, after the assassination of Bangabandhu, the farce started after the election. The game of stealing on people’s votes begins. The farce of ‘yes’, and ‘no’ votes begins. The ‘Yes’ box was available. There is no ‘no’ box. There was no need to vote. Torture after the 1991 elections. On the one hand, torture on Awami League. On the other hand, violence against the National Party. Jatiya Party is the most persecuted. The Jatiya Party has forgotten that. Sheikh Hasina said, during the period of Zia, Ershad and Khaleda Zia, the election was one where each group would enter, seal and fill the box. Then the result will change. Ten motorbikes, 20 gangsters, the election is over. Awami League has always struggled to return voting rights to the people.
Referring to the results of the 2008 election, she said that the position of BNP became clear in that election. Awami League and BNP cannot be equal. We have secured the voting rights of the people. Raised awareness about voting rights and continued the democratic process. From 2009 to 2023, they could not destroy this democracy even though they committed various crimes like arson, killing people. The democratic trend continues because there is Awami League. People’s purchasing power has increased because of Awami League. The country has got the status of a developing country today. People got freedom by voting on boats. The commitment of the ruling government led by Sheikh Hasina to ensure a free, fair, credible and participatory electoral process in the country is commendable. She has reiterated his pledge on several occasions.
There is no denying that some politicians in Bangladesh have a strange attitude toward foreign diplomats. Seeing foreign diplomats boosts their enthusiasm several times. If anything, these foreigners are called and complained. But they should complain to the people, to the voters of the country. They feel comfortable complaining to foreign diplomats, which should not happen.
On the other hand, the role of some journalists and media is also not commendable. Foreign diplomats see the journalists why? Why is the journalist so curious to hear something from their mouth? How do you think the next election of Bangladesh will be, is there a fair election environment, what is the future of democracy in Bangladesh? This is a weakness of the journalism profession in our country. Many don’t know who to respect, what to ask, and how to ask the right questions and get answers. In no other country in the world do journalists pay so much attention to foreign diplomats. Of course, as mentioned earlier, our politicians are mainly responsible for this. They are the ones who give foreign diplomats a chance to talk about politics and internal affairs.
As long as the same trend is not returned to our country’s politics, the trend of unnecessary snubbing of foreigners will not go away. It is the great weakness of our internal politics that we want to cut off our own noses to break the next journey. If the politicians do not correct themselves, outsiders will be able to listen, it will not do any good. There will be no welfare of the country. So country, mother, motherland and freedom are above all, the more you remember it, the better for the country.
Hiren Pandit is a columnist and a researcher

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